How I Animated This Video
What’re y'all doing down there?
Playing an RPG for the second time
Are you okay out there?
Пре 18 дана
Hearing Enemy Music in an RPG
Get On My Level.
Пре месец
The Dawn of Sketch Comedy
Пре месец
Dads Checking Into Their Airbnb
Fellas Like You
Пре месец
Parent Chaperones on School Field Trips
Playing an RPG for the first time
Пре 2 месеца
Elton John is not a good astronaut
I feel like such an idiot.
Пре 2 месеца
Meet my 20 year old turtle Happy!
Пре 3 месеца
I'm Sitting This One Out
Пре 3 месеца
Don't Stand By Me
Пре 3 месеца
Scooby-Doo but this happens instead
Am I in the right place?
Пре 3 месеца
Ralphie, get down from there!
Пре 3 месеца
I Met a Most Peculiar Man Today
Пре 4 месеца
Пре 4 месеца
How bad do you want it?
Пре 4 месеца
The Giant
Пре 4 месеца
Walking through the Spooky Woods
Пре 4 месеца
Colonial Court Summons
Пре 4 месеца
Sully 2: Central Park
Пре 4 месеца
he just peed back there
Пре 4 месеца
Tucker's Last Stand
Пре 5 месеци
Heads up, this guy is REALLY weird
They hooked up before quarantine!?
Two hot girls on a park bench
Пре 5 месеци
This is Jeff
Пре 6 месеци
Doctor's Orders
Пре 6 месеци
It's just table talk
Пре 6 месеци
The Asteroid Belt
Пре 6 месеци
Portrait of Some Guy on Fire
Пре 6 месеци
Psycho Mode
Пре 6 месеци
The N.A.T.E. Method
Пре 6 месеци
I got punched in the head in Petco
Oi, Captain!
Пре 7 месеци
Are those your dogs?
Пре 7 месеци
You're Already a Filmmaker!
Пре 7 месеци
Pretend That You Love Me
Пре 7 месеци
Пре 7 месеци
The Guy Responsible for Serving Sizes
Joel House
Пре 8 месеци
Joel Haver - Grow [Official Video]
The End of Dating:
Пре 8 месеци
Guys: I miss dating. Dating:
Пре 8 месеци
Girls: I miss dating. Dating:
Пре 8 месеци
How I Make a Movie Alone
Пре 9 месеци
The Day Sunglasses Were Invented (1939)
Comedian Podcast
Пре 9 месеци
I Made Over 150 Films in One Year
Пре 9 месеци
The Bounty Hunter
Пре 9 месеци
The Open Road
Пре 9 месеци
When you bump into your enemy in public
Forget About Everything for Awhile
Dads Checking Into Their Hotel Room
The Petyrs
Пре 10 месеци
Drunkest Guy at a Party Answers the Door
You're Lucky I'm Horizontal
Пре 10 месеци
Dirty Distancing (2020)
Пре 10 месеци
r/Tinder in a nutshell
Пре 10 месеци
Bortuga 2: Moretuga
Пре 10 месеци
oh word?
Пре 10 месеци
Cowboy dad runs an errand in a Western
Toussaint E
Toussaint E Пре 3 сата
OG Liick
OG Liick Пре 3 сата
I can tell you honestly love doing this..I enjoyed a tutorial video more than I should’ve
MrSquishyTurtle Пре 3 сата
150 angry people do not know how to outline.
Andrew Beckman
Andrew Beckman Пре 3 сата
Jesus christ. this is so good. I'm literally baffled.
James O'Grady
James O'Grady Пре 3 сата
When you got to exporting all the pictures as PNG frames, I was like "OK, now he's going to go through each individual frame in MSPaint and turn them into his drawings. That's really cool". Then there was a tool to help you. That's astonishing and wonderful and beautiful!
MrSquishyTurtle Пре 3 сата
Me and some twitch streamers are falling in love with your charismatic voice and plan on making "TONY LAZUTO?!" as a fun bot sound command.
pinpoint45 Пре 3 сата
thank you for sharing this tutorial.
S W Пре 4 сата
Much love coming your way
DaRealZorro Пре 4 сата
I have been quoting this non-stop since I first saw it, especially the Ronald Reagan bit. What a gem!
Clovilah Пре 4 сата
Good lord you are just too cute. Thank you for sharing this. I'm just getting into painting (I mean on a canvas, nothing as high tech as this lol) And I find it very cool when someone shares their creative knowledge with others just cause they want others to see something new. I have severe anxiety and panic attacks and I have been watching your sketches and animations for awhile now. Finally got hubby to remember to sub the other night, so you can personally thank me for getting you over the 500k mark (I'm not being serious lol) Anyways, I really think you deserve a hell of a lot more attention, especially with this new animation, it's just brilliant! I cannot tell you how much I laughed in the episode where he screams he's so pissed about messing stuff up and just goes Gumby running through everything to the castle, that last yell as he gets to the castle is just hilarious, especially with the facial expression! Anyroad, sorry for babbling on, just wanted to tell you you're a special catch, keep it up! 𝓗𝓤𝓩𝓩𝓐𝓗!
InspiRational Пре 4 сата
Great! Are you going to [email protected] with neural networks in the future?
engineer gaming
engineer gaming Пре 4 сата
Now I just want to see all the live-action drafts-
Raymond Creelman
Raymond Creelman Пре 4 сата
I think your cool
The Doors of Perspective
The Doors of Perspective Пре 4 сата
Nice video!! I used EBSynth for this It helped me to create a psychedelic vr drum experience.
Hunter Lund
Hunter Lund Пре 4 сата
Orange hair guy? Bounty hunter?
Brays1994 Пре 4 сата
It is so relatable it hurts.
basil genimahaliotis
basil genimahaliotis Пре 4 сата
I admire the fact you revealed your tricks - excellent
C Hiebert
C Hiebert Пре 4 сата
i dont drink 😂
BOT Chad
BOT Chad Пре 4 сата
"Weird noses for Demons" I see someone else has read the Talmud.
None of Your Business
None of Your Business Пре 4 сата
I want to see an adult swim dark surreal comedy in this art style!!
XV_ FableZ _XV
XV_ FableZ _XV Пре 4 сата
Yo hunter you watching this smoko?
Dave Ilagan
Dave Ilagan Пре 4 сата
Thanks for this!!
Leonard Lee
Leonard Lee Пре 4 сата
The moving nipples are kinda distracting
Ian Smith
Ian Smith Пре 4 сата
Wait, this is a documentary isn’t it?
Esiek90 Пре 4 сата
Joel <3
Ivan Kontra
Ivan Kontra Пре 4 сата
I wish there was a stock for channels cause this is going big.
What Farac is Cooking
What Farac is Cooking Пре 4 сата
Your videos have always had the right amount of fachuje. 4:38
Just Because
Just Because Пре 4 сата
Anyone else notice the hand from behind the shower curtain?
Ye Ye Hastaol
Ye Ye Hastaol Пре 4 сата
Brendon thwaites
graviti4free Пре 4 сата
Who dislikes this?! This is awesome man
thefinalbreath Пре 4 сата
you are 16 years old and I luv u
Alarismos Пре 4 сата
Lotr didnt use ebs lol
Calvin Taft
Calvin Taft Пре 4 сата
Neat take on Rotoscoping!
Max Box
Max Box Пре 4 сата
Frick, man. Good at presenting, good at editing. Is there anything Joel can't do?? (this is actually a way more straightforward process than I was expecting, it seems super accessible). "I think the more creative tools people have, the better." What. A. Dude.
Sketchylandbeast Пре 4 сата
The final part where it's Simba talking to his father in the sky is so good. Like...Holy cow my guy. I know it was a joke but it was still so dramatic
Trevor Tappe
Trevor Tappe Пре 4 сата
Incredibly based
EmberTheSunbro Пре 4 сата
Man me and my friends had a blast today messing around with this. Really makes you appreciate how many tries it probably takes to get right. Thanks for sharing Joel. You're an inspiration and a light in these trying times. I will make some truly cursed animations in tribute
RizkyMariant Пре 4 сата
My face the whole video was like 😧 ngl bro u teach so much and u did a lot i love u bro
Grenadier Gator
Grenadier Gator Пре 4 сата
I fucking died at 2:30, the second little scream when he ran out of breath. Joel, you’re doing great man! 👨 keep it up!
Andy Fisher
Andy Fisher Пре 4 сата
Could this be a turning point for RSpost in 2021?!!
Ian Smith
Ian Smith Пре 4 сата
He overshot it. Like icarus he flew too close to the sun 😢
PubJubz Пре 4 сата
Joel this was really good, I get what you mean now when you say your dad was the funniest guy in the world. Keep up the good work, glad to see you thriving so much.
Seelenkrieger Пре 4 сата
Adventure awaits, HUZZAH!
Jovin 777
Jovin 777 Пре 4 сата
So you just draw 1 frame and the rest will be done automatically by AI??
Aubrey Jones
Aubrey Jones Пре 4 сата
Look at this genuine dude here.
Luke Starkiller
Luke Starkiller Пре 4 сата
I’ve never seen an animated animation tutorial before but now I want every animation tutorial to be animated
SuperZombiepimp Пре 4 сата
This guy seems like ge be a cool guy to have a beer with wish more people were chill like him
rahmatsyah pulungan
rahmatsyah pulungan Пре 4 сата
My man!!
Bezz Zave
Bezz Zave Пре 4 сата
Watching this at 555K numbers subscribers number-numbers
P.D. S
P.D. S Пре 4 сата
So many possibilities.... I want to go with..... DeFranco?
MikkyD Пре 4 сата
What an absolute legend
Bryan Clements
Bryan Clements Пре 4 сата
This man is a gift to the world.
Mathias Von Wulf
Mathias Von Wulf Пре 4 сата
Man, that speech about art was really beautiful man. I mean that sincerely. Thanks for the video, Love your work. :D
Eddy Duggan
Eddy Duggan Пре 4 сата
This was fantastic, thank you so much for sharing your craft! I'm out here starting out with all these tools and its great to see people helping out!
Kenbo -
Kenbo - Пре 4 сата
Hello. I like your work. Thank you.
KysOrDie Пре 4 сата
The one that saves 2021 for me is you my man
Zachary Пре 4 сата
im very happy to have found your channel. what a wholesome guy - 10 min thank you and what to expect. 30 min of promoting for other people he likes, collaborated with, small underappreciated channels.
K. Lockhart
K. Lockhart Пре 4 сата
Rip Jack. You left us a gift that is your son
rosecribs1 Пре 4 сата
hi joel what's up how are you doing
Shrimpz Animates
Shrimpz Animates Пре 4 сата
:0 This is amazing!!! Thanks for making this video!
Mr Sticcy
Mr Sticcy Пре 4 сата
For some reason it hit my heart when he went from Just Joe to the adventuring guy. It feels nostalgic for some reason...
dionicius03 Пре 4 сата
i hope he fights the dragon, but it has a twist
Mono Kuro
Mono Kuro Пре 4 сата
It's like, he's the embodiment of Awkwardness and improv.
numlock Пре 4 сата
BIKarus Пре 4 сата
I read as fast as I write. Twelve words per minute
StormoTheBrave Пре 4 сата
Your channel is the absolute best youtube has to offer!!!!
Zukhruf Alem Efendi
Zukhruf Alem Efendi Пре 4 сата
I like your animations because it's accurately depicts my social awkwardness
Karl The Slav
Karl The Slav Пре 4 сата
You're killing it man, keep doing what your doing.
Nasif Пре 4 сата
Hey man I love your vids I just wanted to say you can (or get someone to) write scripts that can do the whole "folder-making" and "shot-copying" stuff for you, should save a lot of time
Rick Deckard
Rick Deckard Пре 4 сата
Go Joel! We love you buddy!!
ash Пре 4 сата
the fact that blinking can mess up the eyes means that for longer shots he has to go for a really long time without blinking
nicolas keenan
nicolas keenan Пре 4 сата
Mydryn _
Mydryn _ Пре 4 сата
3:06 I hate to be the JoJo fan, but... Fugo Joel
David Allen
David Allen Пре 4 сата
This is so fucking good
Wastedpaprika4 Пре 4 сата
never knew you had to do all of this to make one of your videos. thank you for putting your hard work and time into these funny and wholesome short skits.
Vlad Bozak 2.0
Vlad Bozak 2.0 Пре 4 сата
Dude. You've done it. I've watched you grow up in such a short time (I joined during around the 30k mark). Awesome content. I've binged everything, including features.
BoyThatsJustCraZ bruh
BoyThatsJustCraZ bruh Пре 4 сата
What a freaking great dude. His one true goal is to just make good art and share it with the world.
jtew1337 Пре 4 сата
I love these videos! They have the perfect amount of jank that makes them funny and unique. Like in the Scooby video when the bad guy just loses a nipple. 😂
Zach Gedman
Zach Gedman Пре 4 сата
I thought that you used a face tracking software and made really cool models and that's why it glitches when you move but now when I think of it that would be super impractical