Lucious Hicks VI
Lucious Hicks VI Пре 16 минута
i know ray gotta love the steeler defense i wanna see him talk about us so bad man
D Jones
D Jones Пре 16 минута
Can’t wait to see this one, it’s gonna be a good one I think. I gotta ride with Tank though.
Gtr513 Пре 17 минута
Dodgy weigh in!!!!
Tommy Noble
Tommy Noble Пре 20 минута
It's a shame Ray's making more money and having an easier life doing TV than he would coaching, because this guy would be an all-time great with a whistle.
2 Birds1 Stone
2 Birds1 Stone Пре 26 минута
Man Floyd even gave Leo a Lamborghini!! I do wish he quit hovering over Tank, but then again it’s his ace!
Humberto The Believer
Humberto The Believer Пре 27 минута
Cruz is gona pull the upset.
Jorge Chavez
Jorge Chavez Пре 40 минута
Tank looking small !! He will get out boxed especially in the later rounds!!! Yall must not know who santacruz is!!!
Eric Smith
Eric Smith Пре 40 минута
Okay, Ray, time to go to Dallas and help those boys out.
Angel perez jr
Angel perez jr Пре 43 минута
Good luck Tank, and you can do it no-matter what show the world that your here to be the best in your sport! God Bless and come out on top bro!!!!
Greg Mercedes
Greg Mercedes Пре 44 минута
I ain’t know Brandon was that big got damn
Ángel Olvera
Ángel Olvera Пре 44 минута
Bueno puede ser en inglés o en español me vale madres todo va igual es una hipócrita Castillo le ganó claramente que él compró la pelea es diferente entonces que no diga que quiere llegar a donde él pudo llegar a donde él quiere llegar me entiendo simplemente ha sido un corrupto del boxeo igual que sus antecesores su tío y su padre pero comoCómo quiera julio César Chávez los puso en su lugar así es de qué Mayweather eres un chillón hipócrita falso boxeador
Sherma Mitchell
Sherma Mitchell Пре 45 минута
I will never understand child abuse That shit kills me!!
Justin Graham
Justin Graham Пре 45 минута
I know y’all heard the fart at 3:28 lol
srt4man1 Пре 46 минута
"Can you answer real quick in 30 sec".... Mayweather: "blah blah blah blah blah blah me me me blah blah blah blah blah"
Skypa Ranera
Skypa Ranera Пре 46 минута
Bakla tank davis vs sta cruz,kamote davis bakit ayaw mo labanan si ryan garcia?tulad ka rin ng manager mo bakla mayweather😅😀😄😝🤔🤗
9 Glizz
9 Glizz Пре 47 минута
Leo lost the fight at the beginning of the stare down
Mauro I. Ferdez
Mauro I. Ferdez Пре 47 минута
Santa Cruz all the way....hes a humble man and a Great Champion. may the best fighter win
fuhjrvr Пре 49 минута
I agree defenses now are kinda loss
Corey Zanth
Corey Zanth Пре 50 минута
2 little babies fighting
FistPhysics boxing channel
FistPhysics boxing channel Пре 52 минута
@showtime this fight should have been free... it would have brought subscribers... i m not buying this fight.... I got rank by ko
Cyd Jost
Cyd Jost Пре 55 минута
Floyd’s daughter is the reason shampoo has instructions
MrHardkohr Пре 57 минута
I feel like ray is ready to play, haha his energy is electric
Nio Jackson
Nio Jackson Пре сат
If he ever become a def coordinator...the whole league will be at him
Davon Knight
Davon Knight Пре сат
WestBmore4life Tank💯💪🏾
What_a_burger_ Пре сат
the face off lmfao wtf
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Пре сат
Santa Cruz gonna disappoint everyone and win... #BrownPride🇲🇽#
Secundino Cortez
Secundino Cortez Пре сат
Y que se quite los aretitos q trae se be mal como gerrero mexicano
Alex Tellez
Alex Tellez Пре сат
I hope leo can pull an upset 🙏
Uhtred of Bebbanburg
Uhtred of Bebbanburg Пре сат
Tank is a monster, might stop leo sta cruz in the very 1st round
Secundino Cortez
Secundino Cortez Пре сат
So sorry pero qmadriza le va a poner el negrito tank , la piensa mucho pa tirar golpes ya les dije nesecita un golpe de chiripa para gánale a menos q no baya preparado el negrito
Peeratchai Chantaklai
Peeratchai Chantaklai Пре сат
Miro433 Пре сат
Leo by Knock-out
Javier Luke
Javier Luke Пре сат
Lo enseño a correr sobre el ring jajaja
Rashan Abdul-Karim
Rashan Abdul-Karim Пре сат
I’m happy for and proud of Tank and believe he will be victorious but it looked like it hurt him to make 130. I believe he’s a natural 135-40. But let him take of Leo and let’s see what’s comes later bcuz I don’t see Tank stayin at 130 for a long time.
L Change the world
L Change the world Пре сат
This dude has no defense. Tank is going to destroy this guy if he just going to throw wild punches like that
Frank Moses
Frank Moses Пре сат
Hol' up... ain't this the same song they used for Adesanya vs Costa
Dr Sauce
Dr Sauce Пре сат
im tryna see gervonta and ryan garcia shit would be a good fight
Kent Perry
Kent Perry Пре сат
that poor tv :[
ross hobelsberger
ross hobelsberger Пре сат
Ray rays shoe game is on another level.
Rick S
Rick S Пре сат
Tank about to win me a bread loaf. TKO round 8/9
ToLow Пре сат
Both of these two , proving that welp, neither one of them got any power 😭
Kyle Goins
Kyle Goins Пре сат
so we've all just forgotten that this man likely murdered someone/had them murdered?
Mst_ Ghoulz
Mst_ Ghoulz Пре сат
From the Philippines bro.... I luv Buffom, I’m boxing fan since 12 years old.... RESPECT
Lets gooo TANK💪🏽‼️‼️‼️
Harambe Uzamaki
Harambe Uzamaki Пре сат
That boy bout to poke a hole through the screen dam ray chill 😂😂
RegCreational Пре сат
Tank met Floyd by way of Adrien Broner 🤣
Ask Neilly
Ask Neilly Пре сат
Ray Lewis is amazing. I never realized how technically sound this guy was until I watched this video.
David Houghton
David Houghton Пре сат
Tank wins by decision with one knockdown.
Jesse Orosz
Jesse Orosz Пре сат
Brandon must be 6’7”
makeaday13 Пре сат
Icon! 😂😂 common man. Boxing is not the same and is now just about making that money and ratings. The great time are gone and also the great fighters. The sad thing is that if Floyd Mayweather wasn't in the picture, this fighter wouldn't have this much publicity 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Don't get me wrong, he is a great fighter but Mayweather is money. Wish both of them the best 🙌🙌👍🏻👍🏻
RegCreational Пре сат
Leo looking like a Million Bucks. Lil Tank... not so much.. Gimme Leo by Decision
Maybe Пре сат
What's a double world championship?
Octavia Hall
Octavia Hall Пре сат
Wow... is it me, or doesn’t it seem like Gervonta Davis would’ve missed weight had he not took his shoes & clothes off (since they had the Mayweather banner up)??? Thank goodness he still made weight regardless though! It’s definitely going to be an action-pack awesome fight; I love both fighters and I wish them all luck in the fight tomorrow!!!!
favelas1981 Пре сат
No childish trash talk …You know it's a FIGHT !!!!!
FlyEnterprises Пре сат
Goodnight in Advance LEO
Kimberly Addison
Kimberly Addison Пре сат
Let's Go Tank!💪
David Cabrera
David Cabrera Пре сат
It’s called Reddit streams 😎
Manny Lugo
Manny Lugo Пре 2 сата
Idgaf I don’t like tank for shit
Ricardo Morales
Ricardo Morales Пре 2 сата
Davis for some reason reminds me of mike Tyson but at a smaller type of guy! hope his future tells me im wright!
Zneb Пре 2 сата
Floyd: I'll beat him a hundred times Interviewer: How about a rematch Floyd: No Me: Stop running Floyd
Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright Пре 2 сата
Sucks when u like both fighters .
TreyDub Пре 2 сата
Somebody give this man a defensive coordinator job
steve godfrey
steve godfrey Пре 2 сата
Santa Cruz is fucking good! Think he’ll out box tank.
Alejandro Vergara
Alejandro Vergara Пре 2 сата
I give credit to both of them tbh for taking this fight tank for knowing that Leo is a warrior and and he going to come to fight and for Leo for knowing the that tank is a warrior himself and for coming up on another weight division the sky is the limit for both of these guys let’s goo 💯💯
Gregory Bell
Gregory Bell Пре 2 сата
my boy made weight! lets Go Tank!!!!
darryl chargingbear
darryl chargingbear Пре 2 сата
face off is for the ring exchanging is what matters
PieterK Пре 2 сата
Tank know leo no joke he respected him and worked out hard
darryl chargingbear
darryl chargingbear Пре 2 сата
Santa's taller...means he has a good chance, plus the 130 pound limit. He can't use the excuse he was in with a bigger man
Dodgers 818
Dodgers 818 Пре 2 сата
It’s on 🥊🥊 may the best Leo win Boxer or Brawler!!!
Jay Peacock
Jay Peacock Пре 2 сата
It’s free in the uk on channel 5 starts at 2am loads will tune in
Alex Montero
Alex Montero Пре 2 сата
Vamos Santa Cruz. Saludos desde Ecuador 🇪🇨
ImaTrueRager Пре 2 сата
"if your ALL wrong you're alright"
bmw575 Пре 2 сата
What is steam doing ?? And you realize the people spraying have on shoes 🤨 !! Dirty ass shoes that have who knows on the bottom of them 🤨🤨
VivoEnChicago Пре 2 сата
Ray make you ready to run thru a brick wall 🧱
redpepperdave Пре 2 сата
They have good chemistry together, great segment.
Sean da Shot Caller
Sean da Shot Caller Пре 2 сата
129 wtf, ion even Weight that and I’m 14 wtf 💀
Santana Santana
Santana Santana Пре 2 сата
Leo is going to confuse him with his boxing skills. Davis is Special Ed.
kentrock Пре 2 сата
Ray can the be the defensive coordinator for my Cowboys any day... they are pitiful
Will Whitaker
Will Whitaker Пре 2 сата
Let’s go Tank ‼️✔️✔️
GROW LIFE 23 Пре 2 сата
Tank gonna win 🌰🌱🌴🌲💨