New Jhin Skin is Definitely Pay to Win...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1340

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Hi im Coconut

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New Jhin Skin is Definitely Pay to Win...Daily moments from streamers ep 1340(ftTyler1,Yassuo,TFBlade ,SoloRenektonOnly, Jankos, Nemesis, Tobias Fate, Gripex...).
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00:00 sanchovies
00:19 yassuo
00:42 llstylish
00:54 dopa24
01:23 midbeast
01:41 froggen
01:54 alicopter
02:09 trick2g
02:27 1adrianaries1
02:43 thebausffs
03:15 yassuo
04:06 tfblade
04:19 llstylish
04:39 bwipolol
04:55 midbeast
05:09 micao
05:26 repobah
05:49 xfsn_saber
06:11 lolmalice
06:24 kaypea
06:48 cookielolxx
07:15 1adrianaries1
07:37 solarbacca
07:50 dzukill
08:21 talongodx
08:33 thebausffs
08:57 yassuo
09:22 tfblade
09:44 bwipolol
10:07 midbeast
10:32 sloppywalrusx
11:18 thebausffs
11:39 elite500
12:05 tfblade
12:30 thebausffs
12:58 lohpally
13:33 outro
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The Fast
The Fast Пре 2 месеца
200+ collective years of skins experience
Bill Nye
Bill Nye Пре 2 месеца
Honestly how is there not a Riot at Riot Games? How can they destroy such an old game so carelessly? They have to be the most money hungry scum lords
Why r u gae
Why r u gae Пре 2 месеца
i noticed it in pbe urf, thought it was just me....
The Fast
The Fast Пре 2 месеца
@Juan Domingo Perdón the definition of Riot
Juan Domingo Perdón
Juan Domingo Perdón Пре 2 месеца
200+ years of constant game desing to produce fat bald bastards that dont now how to make a game
AWUUU KER Пре 2 месеца
TheSportyGamer97 Пре 22 дана
Anyone know the song in cookie clip?
leviticus yeh
leviticus yeh Пре 24 дана
10:51 strong man karate chops his desk
LeveN Пре месец
6:05 trolling?
Mustafa Balta
Mustafa Balta Пре месец
6:06 because when u got guinso u had rapid cannon passive.
Alan Teles
Alan Teles Пре 2 месеца
05:10 ta fora de micao ai posição?!
AJaX Пре 2 месеца
AJaX Пре 2 месеца
pinoy will have a good time editing this
Thiago Moura
Thiago Moura Пре 2 месеца
5:50 Rapid Firecannon Sir FailFish.
Thiago Moura
Thiago Moura Пре 2 месеца
Fu Riot , barely can see W animation wtf.
Gawr Gura
Gawr Gura Пре 2 месеца
thumbnail at 3:17
ok ok
ok ok Пре 2 месеца
xqc absolutely popping off on the karthus at 6:12
Fadel Qubain
Fadel Qubain Пре 2 месеца
why dopa built like that
Gavrata Mazalov
Gavrata Mazalov Пре 2 месеца
yea that skin is bullshit ... when i played against it i was like WTF is snaring me the whole time :D his fuckin W is just invisible
Jakub Setlak
Jakub Setlak Пре 2 месеца
1:55 it's normal Play lol
Limits of Use
Limits of Use Пре 2 месеца
6:49 euw d1 is doomed if more people like this guy are in it.
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Пре 2 месеца
1:22 that dude ugly af
Shaz Пре 2 месеца
7:58 this lilia ult block with the wall was insane, dzukill is on an other lvl
ActualChaika L9
ActualChaika L9 Пре 2 месеца
this is so funny to do i blocked like 3 lillia ults he was so hopeless after that lmao
Bernardo Ferreira de Lima
Bernardo Ferreira de Lima Пре 2 месеца
Derniere danse. Your welcome
Joshua Viller
Joshua Viller Пре 2 месеца
First TF blade clip I've seen him do something.
Michał S
Michał S Пре 2 месеца
13:05 this guy is so stupid check the left corner the quantity of chempions shards changed from 18 to 28
Felix tienegeds
Felix tienegeds Пре 2 месеца
Trash game and trash channel.
Hwi Kane Kim
Hwi Kane Kim Пре 2 месеца
2:41 pretty sure that kai'sa just got one shot
HELL RAISER Пре 2 месеца
10:35 he just missed tho no?
Andrey Пре 2 месеца
Yoooo why is that no skin yasuo ALWAYS against a Camille, every clip he's in, the enemy team has a Camille, this too damn weird
Nani Perez
Nani Perez Пре 2 месеца
I don't get what happen on jhin's new skin . Can someone explain ?
Lordmonocr Пре 2 месеца
On the saber senna clip when he was testing IE and rage blade it he would have those Items like when he has like 100 souls in a game right though right? So wouldn’t that give him more dmg thus giving IE more dmg too? So that shouldn’t count as a test right? Or is there something I’m missing?
henrike68 Пре 2 месеца
Doesn't bother me because I just permaban him lol
Nekosaki Krocchi
Nekosaki Krocchi Пре 2 месеца
Its scary when they got angry and destroyed something
Matt Snikyar
Matt Snikyar Пре 2 месеца
anyone know the background song at 7:00?
Dante Akbar
Dante Akbar Пре 2 месеца
lost a game last night bc of that skin very upset so I gave riot money
Nate Frampton
Nate Frampton Пре 2 месеца
senna q applies on hits but doesnt crit so yes it does more dmg cause im pretty sure she does less crit dmg same as yas and yone
Danilo Janjic
Danilo Janjic Пре 2 месеца
10:57 he had like 50 cans
Ceceu Gamer
Ceceu Gamer Пре 2 месеца
Nekko skin to
burak kum
burak kum Пре 2 месеца
please use dancing outro its much better than this one
Jakub Kašpar
Jakub Kašpar Пре 2 месеца
3:31 Moe: ok, my man Trick: she 13 Me:😳😳😳
Matej Godina
Matej Godina Пре 2 месеца
4:45 imagine playing rammus and actually said that
balas Catrinel
balas Catrinel Пре 2 месеца
jazz abarquez
jazz abarquez Пре 2 месеца
5:58 energized not being proc compare to the rageblade lol
Bottle God
Bottle God Пре 2 месеца
Happen to me in pbe had no idea
Lolo Eladl
Lolo Eladl Пре 2 месеца
yes is see that bug he w me and i didnt see it i said wtf
tenjy Пре 2 месеца
he got 720 blue essence in the champion capsules.
John Smith
John Smith Пре 2 месеца
7:54 did Yasuo just windwall lilia sleep?
Napier Nygma
Napier Nygma Пре 2 месеца
05:37 wait what? how did his jump reset ?
Miguel Rosales Llano
Miguel Rosales Llano Пре 2 месеца
Midbeast is not that good
Mohammed Al Moosawi
Mohammed Al Moosawi Пре 2 месеца
That jhin w lost me a rank game I can't see it ffs
Aaron Dennis
Aaron Dennis Пре 2 месеца
Bruh, he solod tf blade!
Shadow10172 Пре 2 месеца
your daily dose of coconut
Negroovemma Unknow
Negroovemma Unknow Пре 2 месеца
0:33 me trying to get money from viewers from my new pc
Reshosho Пре 2 месеца
were all here for sloppy
Kaiky Пре 2 месеца
8:35 herald roleplay
kade Пре 2 месеца
10:32 mad man
ThieVuz Пре 2 месеца
6:20 that xqc?
Jarad Garland
Jarad Garland Пре 2 месеца
Anyone know the song playing at 7:00 during the Cookie clip?
Messuo Пре 2 месеца
Indila- Derniere Danse
Lampardi Phosphorous
Lampardi Phosphorous Пре 2 месеца
Lmao that karate chop was an epic rage
Wilson Пре 2 месеца
you dont need to be stood in the trap for the w to root you? this is like every other skin
Judeau Пре 2 месеца
Well, do you see Jhin channeling his W though? It was instantly, which is not supposed to be.
Davi Elias
Davi Elias Пре 2 месеца
5:09 big mico representando BR
An Vo
An Vo Пре 2 месеца
10:25 daddybeast
Khalil Staitieh
Khalil Staitieh Пре 2 месеца
I really despise the kid at 12:50 pls stop getting half of the content from his gameplay
Maxime Joly
Maxime Joly Пре 2 месеца
More dmg with q auto senna with rageblade bcs u get crit from passiv or am i just stupide
Wylfo Пре 2 месеца
For anyone wondering he got it cuz u can see his champion shard number go up by 10. 13:21
rodrigo corrales chaupi
rodrigo corrales chaupi Пре 2 месеца
stormgods22 Пре 2 месеца
I had no Idea you can windwall a lilia r wtf
MadLife Пре 2 месеца
11:00 german kid
A K Пре 2 месеца
I noticed that skin thing yesterday, u literally cant see w ever
2ez4techies Пре 2 месеца
6:16 xqc budget version
MadLife Пре 2 месеца
Min 10:00 con rammus no se duda bwipo te lo dice un otp 😜
Presto.The. Smort
Presto.The. Smort Пре 2 месеца
5:22 looks like Arabian perkz with pink Hair
The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper Пре 2 месеца
"I'm inting for charity" So he doing charity almost everyday then what a nice man he is
Ratakiwi Paredes
Ratakiwi Paredes Пре 2 месеца
sloopywalrus seems to be soooo toxic
Ad Пре 2 месеца
6:48 he’s listening Indila et ça c’est incroyable
Messuo Пре 2 месеца
@Ad putain j'avais pas compris wowwwww WTF INCREDIBLE.
Ad Пре 2 месеца
@Messuo ptdrrrr mais c’est pas indila qui est incroyable c’est le fait qu’il écoute ça abruti
Messuo Пре 2 месеца
Nan c eclaté
Achmadf Fadillah
Achmadf Fadillah Пре 2 месеца
Pliz this gotta be a bug rite? Or free lp with jhin's skin
Asher Ridge
Asher Ridge Пре 2 месеца
6:00 The combo with Infinity edge didn't use the rapid fire cannon passive, but the rageblade one did.
Felix van Baarle
Felix van Baarle Пре 2 месеца
Yassuo int 😂😂😂
Asher Ridge
Asher Ridge Пре 2 месеца
Although it definitely wasn't worth the risk in the heat of the moment, Yassuo, at 3:40, would've survived the minion aa with 1 hp, he had 10 and they were dealing 9 to him. But ya in the middle of the fight I wouldn't have risked getting that 1 extra hp
Saramiac ء
Saramiac ء Пре 2 месеца
What’s the name of the music in the background at 7:00?
Messuo Пре 2 месеца
@Levi ah ui
Levi Пре 2 месеца
Indila - Dernière Danse
MysterySuperhero Пре 2 месеца
3:20 Seeing too many Sneaky cosplays makes me wonder if that's just him messing with Sanchovies
Kiritoletsplay Пре 2 месеца
what is the music called at 6:50?
Messuo Пре 2 месеца
Indila - Derniere Danse
Swingtity Пре 2 месеца
10:51 Drunken noob fist style, 6th stance, raging donkey. Very clean
Aloxzito Пре 2 месеца
Froggens laugh gives me life uwu ❤
Erwan Santiago
Erwan Santiago Пре 2 месеца
4:25 nice hitbox fizz lol
Cetrix Delos Santos
Cetrix Delos Santos Пре 2 месеца
stop adding soundeffects
PanosTrmpks 22
PanosTrmpks 22 Пре 2 месеца
10:58 My favourite part of the video
iWellRock Пре 2 месеца
5:50 of course it did more damage, cause he had the cannon proc...
Isak Hedberg
Isak Hedberg Пре 2 месеца
@iWellRock That's because Senna procced her passive on the first shot, which deals extra damage
iWellRock Пре 2 месеца
@Isak Hedberg Well, it might be, still, riot's shity scripts doen'st work well, the first crit was 543 and the second time was 382, i think thats why the damage looks lower.
Isak Hedberg
Isak Hedberg Пре 2 месеца
Even subtracting the damage from RFC, which you can see in the clip is 66, it does more damage than with IE.
WaterisGood Пре 2 месеца
1:50 maniac
Ceej Casalme
Ceej Casalme Пре 2 месеца
no way PAY TO WIN 2020-1
Just_A_ Senko-Lover
Just_A_ Senko-Lover Пре 2 месеца
Me to myself when I'm done with life: 10:57 Me to my depression after watching this video because I miss playing league: 10:57
ActualChaika L9
ActualChaika L9 Пре 2 месеца
Me after playing league myself: 10:57
LordSkippy Пре 2 месеца
f in the chat for cookielol's hair
Ahmed Ezzat
Ahmed Ezzat Пре 2 месеца
7:00 song name plz
Messuo Пре 2 месеца
Indila - Derniere danse
Is Пре 2 месеца
10:52 when there is a spider on your desk
Rafael Ribeiro
Rafael Ribeiro Пре 2 месеца
Lowi__ Пре 2 месеца
he did get the champs in the last clip, he had 18 new before 9 capsules and 28 after and gained 800 be
Mr4CS Пре 2 месеца
bruh i was just about to abuse this T=T
Kyle Chen
Kyle Chen Пре 2 месеца
11:26 at first I thought he bopped Elise super high
Pieyerown Пре 2 месеца
That guy named Light and mains senna reminds me of people that name the self “xXrandomnamegodXx” and play yasuo zed riven
Pieyerown Пре 2 месеца
@ActualChaika L9 2:37 or something
ActualChaika L9
ActualChaika L9 Пре 2 месеца
i dont see anybody named Light there who tf are you talking about?
MnchBeats Пре 2 месеца
3:27 im the only one that cringes every time moe tries to use slang? Its sounds so unnatural.
Gamesongs sax
Gamesongs sax Пре 2 месеца
He is desperate
Gamesongs sax
Gamesongs sax Пре 2 месеца
Leoxses17 Пре 2 месеца
Insane 13minutes highlights thank you coconut
3bood legand
3bood legand Пре 2 месеца
7:00 song name pls
Messuo Пре 2 месеца
@Zane Engels mdrr
Zane Engels
Zane Engels Пре 2 месеца
Indila - Dernière Danse
Pika Пре 2 месеца
10:57 this guy got issues
Gast Man
Gast Man Пре 2 месеца
Best clip of the year man
A7mad Al7rz
A7mad Al7rz Пре 2 месеца
whats the song on cookie video?
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