#1 Zed KOREA Meets FAKER VIEGO! *THIS IS WHAT 10,000 + Hours of ZED LOOKS LIKE!*

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Shogoi Пре дан
All fun in games until Faker pulls out his Zed. FAKER WHAT WAS THAT!
almir yachi
almir yachi Пре дан
*Zed breathes* Midbeast: Beautiful breathe timing
Jege Пре 2 дана
me sucking at this game stops me climbing elo.
Robert Shy
Robert Shy Пре 11 дана
Mute Midbeast and watch zed smashing faker? yes
Winston McGee
Winston McGee Пре 11 дана
12:05 "flashes away" when you can clearly see that he still has flash. stupid commentary
Hi Peeps
Hi Peeps Пре 12 дана
12:09 how did half of zeds W come back
Swapsta Пре 10 дана
Nevermind it was because he used e on target which reduces w cd
Swapsta Пре 10 дана
Yeah idk too
martin kamenov
martin kamenov Пре 13 дана
damn bro didnt know that eclipse was blue...why the fuck even edit the items in the thumbnail? dude wtf
Kristijan Eftoski
Kristijan Eftoski Пре 14 дана
That was actually faker meets number one 1 zed
Faisal Al-Rayes
Faisal Al-Rayes Пре 14 дана
Mid diff
Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins Пре 14 дана
any idea of dpi he is using? ty
Κώστας Μιχαηλίδης
Κώστας Μιχαηλίδης Пре 14 дана
Ok he is a fckn great player but still zed its too op dude
Raymond Пре 17 дана
faker is overrated
MackrelPill Пре 18 дана
I think Faker is not specialized in any champs. He is just good at playing all of them. Just like the quote, "Good at many but specilize in none, and will pale when facing a real pro". That's where Zed99 comes in.
Elty Пре 18 дана
This guy is bad
HiR4N_ Пре 18 дана
Hi MidBeast! Idk if you'll see this, but I have been watching your content so now and then, and decided to indeed subscribe! Smart to point it out there. Idk why others dont subscribe, since it costs nothing and it gives alot to the creators lol... are they ashamed to be subbed to lower ytbers? MidBeast has alot of subs, dont get me wrong but alot of ppl dont want to sub
Zboub Пре 19 дана
12:10. His W is back up because he moved towards the Viego to hit both Taliyah and Viego with E therefor reducing the W cd by 2x2 seconds. W wasn't back because he had a lot of haste, you reduce zed W cd with E.
Disi 777
Disi 777 Пре 19 дана
12:07 holy shit
Mr. Parker
Mr. Parker Пре 21 дан
Puts Zed99's name ahead of Faker's in the title. Interesting statement about these players popularity. It's obviously the right choice, even if I don't agree. I'm sure MidBeans thought about that when he made the title.
xSerenity Пре 22 дана
I wouldnt rage either if my teammates were all at least not bots.. but when I have 0-10 both lane in 10 mins.. even zed99 would rage. And
Giorgos Ioannou
Giorgos Ioannou Пре 23 дана
Were you in this game too? Cause if u weren't it's extremely cringy when you say "we " picked up the kill
Thimios Tiligadas
Thimios Tiligadas Пре 23 дана
10:35 faker who?
Kasper wozowicz
Kasper wozowicz Пре 24 дана
10:43 Zed dive kills while hitting max 1Q LANDS EVERYTHING... thats needed to kill xD
Amir Пре 25 дана
zed99 got trashedddddddddddddddddddddd by faker lol. this game means nothing his a one trick. no one cares about one trick trash lmao
Amir Пре 25 дана
dude this kid zed99 got bullied and trashed by faker so easy he looked like he was some trash player in the server. Just cause he waited for ganks and waited for faker to make mistakes. oh well faker just having fun
Tadeáš Karkut
Tadeáš Karkut Пре 26 дана
You should get a real job mate.
Marben Alapit
Marben Alapit Пре 27 дана
Man this dude has favoritism loot at the time 10:40 zed99 miss all the Q and he said, beautiful he lands every Q like what 😳 the.
DanHK-NE Пре 27 дана
80% win rate on Zed. Dude is a beast!
FreestylStudio Пре 27 дана
Did Zed run ultimate hunter or ravenous hunter?
Orotonster Пре 28 дана
I actually love your commentary’s specially when nothings happening you don’t let there be long silence and you don’t fill it with crap it’s actually interesting to listen too. Wish u commentated worlds
smoked buns
smoked buns Пре месец
How a real assassin does the job. Controlled, precise, and clean.
Gael Пре 28 дана
I don't find him particularly crazy mechanics wise but he does know the game
Lord Abbadon
Lord Abbadon Пре месец
Am I the only one that see so annoying and, in some way, disrespectful when a player spams the laugh and icon all the time?
BuubleeZ Пре 28 дана
@Lord Abbadon Idk dude most people don’t care if he is spamming emotes or not, sometimes they just do it to keep the APM high but u are a special case to hate someone just cuz he uses emotes
Lord Abbadon
Lord Abbadon Пре 28 дана
@BuubleeZ Yes. It is a good way to show the kind of toxic player you are. Also to make people like me not enjoy how good or bad he is. Nor try to see something useful in his play
BuubleeZ Пре месец
It is disrespectful and that's the objective
Tommy B
Tommy B Пре месец
Glad I found this channel!
C J S Пре месец
zed would be a better pick if it wasn't for rito to put zhonya's on a boots enhancement. imagine 4 enemy with zhonya's and has guardian angels on
Luis Silva
Luis Silva Пре месец
+200 years of zed VS fucker
Ray Chen
Ray Chen Пре месец
Thanks for the lovely video mate. After watching this, now i know that faker is not a LOL god after all :)
Léopold Fouin
Léopold Fouin Пре месец
i hate ur analyse, faker got inted by his teammates
larsagne Пре месец
Flashes away, and flashes on to the Pyke Pog
larsagne Пре месец
just subbed :)
Soso STallINNA
Soso STallINNA Пре месец
is this guy was just shut, watching would be much more pleasant
Stelios Rentesis
Stelios Rentesis Пре месец
Mid diff
Jen Erick
Jen Erick Пре месец
Five fucking ads throughout this video. RSpost is getting absolutely ridiculous.
haku Пре месец
who's higher elo, zed99 or mango fish?
will is
will is Пре месец
like even faker can't react to Zed's all in getting one shot from 100 to 0, what a champ
runThere Пре месец
this was what i've been looking for nice
Marcos Ivan
Marcos Ivan Пре месец
If he was Jean mago zed wouldn’t have chance xD
Hircine Пре месец
trash faker abusing ever new broken champ
Bugn Buster
Bugn Buster Пре месец
Thanks for reminding me to sub! Subbed and liked!
Neko Azuki
Neko Azuki Пре месец
Need a player for flex RN. EUW - Add GUIGURSO20 Rank dont matter
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes Пре месец
Too much publicity on 1 single vídeo. I Will just stop watching your videos
William Villegas
William Villegas Пре месец
Varus name is La Casa de Papel 😂
Georgi Ivanov
Georgi Ivanov Пре месец
imagine puttin those 10k hours in studying and learning new things.
QwQ Пре месец
dude123 nice
dude123 nice Пре месец
You're such a fucking weirdo.
Punk Ster
Punk Ster Пре месец
Okay now that made me want to play zed
__ Пре месец
report that thresh x9 2/9
Ben Groen
Ben Groen Пре месец
Is this why que dodging has become such a huge issue? Streamers telling players to dodge? Just play the game dammit lol. I hate que dodgers with a passion.
mkay !
mkay ! Пре месец
i wouldve watched but 9 ads? are you mental? dont wonder why people did not subscribe. youre not even playing, youre just talking, and thats okay, but 9 ads, with content of someone else? tf
Kata is wet
Kata is wet Пре месец
As a kata main I ban zed now over diana no matter she is a counter zed is just broken with the damage he has and why does people say zed players are the most hard try players WTF is up with that??? Zed throws his shadow and daggers and takes instantly - MORE THEN UR HALF HP and he doesnt even have to be fed to do this damage if thats not broken I dont know what is then he just R you under your tower and its gg... I could win zed if its a bad player but if its someone that mains zed probably going for zhonya 100%
Connor Yancy
Connor Yancy Пре месец
Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven
Alex Phan
Alex Phan Пре месец
@Midbeast how do you decide when to get duskblade, eclipse and prowlers? I looked at his op.gg and he gets all of them, I'm sure its comp specific to whatever you're versing but do you have any general reasons why you should build each one.
AstroFighTer 4
AstroFighTer 4 Пре месец
If you want to see the best zed, check out JOJOC
Mr. Shambles
Mr. Shambles Пре месец
Nice vid, liked the commenting from you
Aneissi Mukbang and ASMR
Aneissi Mukbang and ASMR Пре месец
xiao lao ban would beat both at 25 mins
polarzxoTV Пре месец
would be cool if we could see faker when hes in viego shroud on replay
Devilhanzo Пре месец
never seen so many ads
Kostas Kall
Kostas Kall Пре месец
Bro imagine killing faker
delineate Пре месец
He says “Best Zed World” only because it’s in KR. 60% of what this idiot says is bullshit. OCE analyst can’t trust kek.
Kuhra Ezah
Kuhra Ezah Пре месец
This was team comp, not him outplaying Faker.
Yani Andersson
Yani Andersson Пре месец
man you talk to much
RevivedSoul Пре месец
04:05 Where is the shadow that went to Taliyah. Does Korea have no latency or shadows turned of xD.
gum drop
gum drop Пре месец
Drew are you actually turkish royalty?
Lazier Пре месец
question is when did he flash?
Mentos Пре месец
This matchup is pain.
En Пре месец
Zed can easily crush every matchup, nothing special. Also Faker seems pretty weak rn.
Travis Wiles
Travis Wiles Пре месец
Literally, went in 1v4... got the kill on lucian and got out without taking dmg.
The Real Pablo
The Real Pablo Пре месец
Who could possibly dislike something so beautiful? Great stuff mate, I appreciate the detailed commentary!
ClayClay Пре месец
12:04 just wondering but did getting the kill on pyke do something about his w cooldown?
Lee Song
Lee Song Пре месец
when zed uses his e on enemy champions it reduces w cd by 2 seconds
ClayClay Пре месец
Im not sure why the cooldown for his w went down and really wanna know
XemnasVII Пре месец
The detailed description of how you described Varus at 30:10 is what my adc's are like 8/10 games
Tod Oliver
Tod Oliver Пре месец
dope content. Have you ever thought about doing this kind of commentary on other roles?
Woozy Witanuzi
Woozy Witanuzi Пре месец
Can you do a review of pabu22? Rank 1 oce player
Duong Luu
Duong Luu Пре месец
This is the second video i watch on your channel and i sub immediately
penguinattack Пре месец
really love your vids man, im starting on this game and these are very helpful :D
isaak ring
isaak ring Пре месец
when does he go Duskblade versus ecplipse?
Juri Vjerdha
Juri Vjerdha Пре месец
I swear it feels like midbeast is first time league in his commentaries... It just feels weird
KisWithY Пре месец
MIssleading title. wol.gg/stats/kr/zed99/ "10 000 hours" more like 900 hours max.
Bill Scheer
Bill Scheer Пре месец
did he missclick flash lvl 1
JO-JO Пре месец
gross gore new review!!!!
Joel C
Joel C Пре месец
When Zed99 PRRRRRR just like Yanni is nice
Yasser Zubaidi
Yasser Zubaidi Пре месец
They move like ants being blown at
Dule Plavi
Dule Plavi Пре месец
Faker is so overrated bro, he just made some good plays years ago and now nothing.
TSM tearslight
TSM tearslight Пре месец
Can I call you midbeasthope?
Bowen Zhang
Bowen Zhang Пре месец
I thought darius was disconnected for some time LOL. I cannot see him around the map.It’s like a 5V4 game with a super fed Zed.
Yikes ed
Yikes ed Пре месец
Can we have some carry guide or fundamentals as mid lane for s11? I mean for some reason season 10 felt way more dependant on individual play meanwhile this season just feels very team dependant. is like we all got bad games and all but it feels like i've been hard popping in some regards and still losing especially in diamond elo Anyways Nice vidoe as always
Eddy Malou
Eddy Malou Пре месец
those kind of videos are awesome, thank you
Complete Player
Complete Player Пре месец
Yo guys check my channel with my outplays , see if you find anything interesting :D Thanks a lot!!
Wout Пре месец
dude qwtf how does he teleport to him at 3:41??? HIS NOT USING W TO GET THERE???
DepressedBut WellDressed
DepressedBut WellDressed Пре месец
lmao faker probably inspired this guy to one trick zed
nonstopsaurier Пре месец
Why would anyone not be subscribed???
Adam Gaite
Adam Gaite Пре месец
That thresh is unbelievably good
Đorđe Kovačević
Đorđe Kovačević Пре месец
Lets be honest here. We want to see Faker posses Zed
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