James May's first look at the 2000hp Lotus Evija

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James May loves looking into the future of the automotive landscape, and he did just that through a day with the stunning Lotus Evija hypercar.
2000hp, £2 million and all the EV geekery you could possibly hope for. Take it away, Mr May...
Watch the behind the scenes here: bit.ly/LotusBTS
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Lucy at DriveTribe
Lucy at DriveTribe Пре месец
If you fancy a behind the scenes look at this shoot, check out my video: bit.ly/EvijaBTS
Eirik Olsen
Eirik Olsen Пре месец
@its_topguN twitchtv I clicked the link, and it just leads to her BTS video, just like she said, so I dunno what you're talking about.
its_topguN twitchtv
its_topguN twitchtv Пре месец
@Eirik Olsen because its obvious a scam or some fishy link. If you look close the s in http is missing. The s stands for secure 😊
Eirik Olsen
Eirik Olsen Пре месец
What's with all the mean comments lol?
Thunderdome Пре месец
woman dont drive please!!!!
AUKSHAY Пре месец
Why you hate cheese and wine :(
Clive Turner
Clive Turner Пре 13 сати
not realy a car more like a model bet that it doesnt even move under its own steam ,total waste of space !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Chilly Davis
Chilly Davis Пре дан
If you're not truly fond of James May I'm not sure we would get along.
Burak Eryılmaz
Burak Eryılmaz Пре дан
2000 hp and under 3 sec id poor sounding
Gutgi Пре дан
You know your car is fast if the 0-60 takes less time than opening the door
Belisarius Cawl
Belisarius Cawl Пре дан
*per wheel*
rotnwolf Пре 2 дана
i like that bike in the beginning.. got the same one
Arthur Bretas
Arthur Bretas Пре 2 дана
The world needs a new Lotus Elan. (with a real engine)
Justine-Paula Robilliard
Justine-Paula Robilliard Пре 2 дана
I dare Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious, to take this monster on the TG route in Patagonia...See if Capt Slow can drive this Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious like he did the red one....
Xiao Zhang
Xiao Zhang Пре 2 дана
The trio should do an episode where they modify their electric car of choice to have petrol engine sound by fitting speakers on the car
VvSinisterFoxVv Пре 2 дана
I know Lotus Evija is all electric but I seriously want one.
sannox01 Пре 3 дана
At top speed, will the tyres last longer than the Bugatti Veyron and will the batteries run out before you even get to top speed? Great vid though :-)
Blark Dexture
Blark Dexture Пре 3 дана
Not a lotus
Barskor1 Пре 3 дана
Oh it is an ICE boring.. children like loud rhythmic noises adults like quite powerful performance aka electric motors.
Fay Pack
Fay Pack Пре 4 дана
Wow!!! WHAT A GREAT CAR!! JAMES you are doing great to drive this lovely.
Anes Budiman
Anes Budiman Пре 4 дана
If Lotus really pulls this model off right, they will literally redefine speed for EV cars
Fixing W/ Friends
Fixing W/ Friends Пре 5 дана
ah the music from Major Hardware.
Ste Sutton
Ste Sutton Пре 5 дана
I think the Evija looks like a Ferrari and has wheels that remind me of some recent limited edition Bugatti models - the Centodieci springing to mind.
tudy000 Пре 6 дана
Looks like allot of old supercar models lol ,like a Ferrari, or Saleen Raptor
BIG CITY Пре 7 дана
I believe "the rich backers"....are the Chinese....tough to wrap your head around that.
Eric Imfeld
Eric Imfeld Пре 7 дана
It's gorgeous but don't get in a hurry to get in
landiepete Пре 7 дана
If you put it on the Ring and go all out, how far into the second lap will you get before the battery is dead ?
Kevin Lawrence Taylor
Kevin Lawrence Taylor Пре 7 дана
I love the Brits sense of humor!
Kevin Lawrence Taylor
Kevin Lawrence Taylor Пре 7 дана
GanJu Пре 7 дана
The only time I would drive 200+ mph under 10s is when my 16 yr old girlfriend tells me she is home alone.
ADK Vlog
ADK Vlog Пре 8 дана
Zipp4Everyone Пре 8 дана
Imagine a LeMans start with that one. Ready Set And you've lost!
Moneylod Gaming
Moneylod Gaming Пре 9 дана
what music is used I love it?
Peter Vossos
Peter Vossos Пре 10 дана
Isn’t 500 hp per wheel exactly that ...no more than 500hp albeit a very torque loaded 500hp!!! To prove my point I’d like to see the lotus up against a 2000hp funny car!!!!! Go on Jamesey when the Evija is produced see if you can have it run the quarter mile with a 2000hp funny car!!!!!!
Jack Pentelow
Jack Pentelow Пре 10 дана
And it still wont beat an £150000 ultima 1200 BHP kit car around ANY UK track Pathetic.
NovorSec Пре 10 дана
But stock supra fast
Covert Garage
Covert Garage Пре 10 дана
Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.
Bruce Watson
Bruce Watson Пре 10 дана
i like the bike & bicycles!?
Covert Garage
Covert Garage Пре 10 дана
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
Quicksilver_Cookie Пре 10 дана
It looks hideous from behind.
Covert Garage
Covert Garage Пре 10 дана
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
Mac the Troller
Mac the Troller Пре 10 дана
It’s so sad to see him Getting old😢
Martinho Ramos
Martinho Ramos Пре 11 дана
Those rear lights are absolutely dreadful
Sander Kõue
Sander Kõue Пре 11 дана
Lots of trouble usually serious
Covert Garage
Covert Garage Пре 10 дана
Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.
Dank Mario
Dank Mario Пре 11 дана
Nice bodykit you got for that Enzo there
Nicholas Chriss
Nicholas Chriss Пре 12 дана
I'm not sure that the weight would go to the extremes as stated by James. The motor in each wheel makes sense for this vehicle and what's wrong with the batteries centrally mounted flat along the floorpan for weight distribution?
William Holden
William Holden Пре 12 дана
Why do car journalists always say 'noise'. Noise is bad. Surely they should refer to the sound of the car.
Oddjob PlayzPS4
Oddjob PlayzPS4 Пре 11 дана
noise is sound
london man
london man Пре 12 дана
may has just become a big fraud
Duma Pool
Duma Pool Пре 12 дана
Range: the end of the street. Per wheel.
Jjohnno 87
Jjohnno 87 Пре 13 дана
LOTUS isn't English anymore it's Chinese. Morgan is the very last English car company
65memphis Пре 13 дана
it looks dated. like a lambo gallardo. car time moves so fast.
Adrien Hautot
Adrien Hautot Пре 13 дана
I want my coffin to be this car
Dan Link
Dan Link Пре 13 дана
Because I knew it was a prototype answer your questions over Danny Lloyd Link tymeryder.
Dan Link
Dan Link Пре 13 дана
Anyone think tail lights look like sunglasses
Dan Link
Dan Link Пре 13 дана
Josh Hust
Josh Hust Пре 14 дана
W.O.W. that is a fantastic looking machine. and if the performance numbers are anywhere near what lotus are claiming, its going to be bonkers! and of course, james has to be the one to talk about one of the most powerful production cars ever....because it's electric!
James Tipton
James Tipton Пре 14 дана
thats a really nice lamborghini
Dirk Staudt
Dirk Staudt Пре 14 дана
I'm a Lotus fan ... but sadly, these doors are an unwanted joke .... and to be honest - I would completely redesign the rear side of this car. - my personal opinion -
TwinTurbo Ray
TwinTurbo Ray Пре 14 дана
I don't like this personally. To me Lotus is not about 2000hp. 400hp and 1000kg is where the magic is at.
Yudhi`s Family
Yudhi`s Family Пре 14 дана
Like Lambo + laferrari
glenn oc
glenn oc Пре 14 дана
My old lotus excel still excited me and I sold by it twenty years ago.
CrypticBlade Пре 14 дана
Cody Huss Salvage Rebuilder
Cody Huss Salvage Rebuilder Пре 14 дана
The body lines on that car is just nuts. I wouldn’t want to repair body lines on that after an accident!
Mo H
Mo H Пре 15 дана
Am curious to know who designs ferraris/lotus. Both look so similar, especially the sf90
Luca Duca
Luca Duca Пре 15 дана
for 2 millions I rather have a hand door-handle than a wireless one.
Margaret Lear
Margaret Lear Пре 15 дана
I hate the way these idiots behave as if they invented the car and seem to take all the credit for it?
William Gabbert
William Gabbert Пре 16 дана
For performance .....Battery should be As close to center and as low as possible. It is where it is for other reasons ... ease of access , quick replacement ?
Cheezsoup Пре 16 дана
Pretties= B roll ? B roll in video/film, pretties in Television ?
ev andersen
ev andersen Пре 17 дана
Only EV for James lol
Jason King
Jason King Пре 18 дана
Probably takes 2 days to charge.
A. Dhooghe
A. Dhooghe Пре 18 дана
2,000 dollars per horse power ...
Boring Manager
Boring Manager Пре 18 дана
When he enters the building, he looks like average russian math professor with 200$ salary in the provincial university, who misses the soviet union
Charles Koushik
Charles Koushik Пре 18 дана
1:12 My ans to that... Our cars have souls... Our cars are not dumb...
victor arcuri
victor arcuri Пре 19 дана
Looks a lot like a Ferrari
Dean o
Dean o Пре 19 дана
Did he just pronounce 'mirror', "meee-or" like a yank?
Faizal Abubakar
Faizal Abubakar Пре 19 дана
Lotus know how to make gorgeous car
Clive Richardson
Clive Richardson Пре 20 дана
Needs all those horses to card those batteries around.
George Mitchell
George Mitchell Пре 20 дана
The video would’ve been 2 minutes long if the doors worked normally
Just Browsing
Just Browsing Пре 20 дана
Is this car of any interest to anyone?
Just Browsing
Just Browsing Пре 20 дана
How many toys does a man need?
Langolier Пре 20 дана
First look: Go in take a look, and get out. The rest is useless.
Lil Scotchy
Lil Scotchy Пре 21 дан
Rick & Morty: "um, is there a slow setting? Best. Door. Ever." rspost.info/first/2GrZnWjVaJfIZp4/video.html
Soeren Algreen-Ussing
Soeren Algreen-Ussing Пре 21 дан
a Power MPV project underway, 4.400.000 DKK for 4 x 300 = 1.200 bHP 9 passenger, 14 suitcases, at URL: www.KompasDesign.IT
Nguyễn Quốc Duy
Nguyễn Quốc Duy Пре 21 дан
Ah yes, 'cause 1000hp was just not enough.
Bass assassin
Bass assassin Пре 21 дан
Looks like the hennessy venom f5 concept
Frank black
Frank black Пре 22 дана
🤣Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious 🤣
New Moon Nation
New Moon Nation Пре 22 дана
I’d like to see the Lotus Evija vs the Trion Nemesis
Informed Choice
Informed Choice Пре 23 дана
I love those two big "morning after a strong curry burned bottie" holes.
JOOPPOOJ K Пре 23 дана
What happen to the production of new Elise, Elan and Espirt etc.. ? Hmm.. sure Lotus, we believe you
Yiannis Hayabusa
Yiannis Hayabusa Пре 23 дана
AMAZING FANTASTIC MAGIC IS AWESOME I LOVE IT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
retro racing shirt
retro racing shirt Пре 23 дана
lotus retroracingshirt
Darwin B
Darwin B Пре 23 дана
Car enthusiasts of the future 1: yo! I'm getting the double layered graphene thorium batt! Enthusiasts 2: That's sick! Don't forget you get free thermal pad breaks!
Anon Nona
Anon Nona Пре 24 дана
Hands up who would really rather have that 2021 slice of 2000hp future than the 58-year old Ferrari 330 America which he walks past on the way in?
Mezalu Пре 24 дана
Anyone know what Nike's James is wearing?
jim screechie
jim screechie Пре 24 дана
That condescending "It's electric, boo, get over it" has the same ring to it as "It's a _trans_ woman, boo, get over it" Almost as if they're both trying really hard to shill for a hidden agenda.
808sandblvke Пре 24 дана
whose idea was that intro
Hulda Lucien
Hulda Lucien Пре 24 дана
The vivacious haircut alternatively roll because thistle paradoxically tempt into a cruel pail. rich, aback watchmaker
Some guy with beanie, hoodie and glasses
Some guy with beanie, hoodie and glasses Пре 24 дана
Man. Sometimes, i want to steal the looks of james
Green Toastr
Green Toastr Пре 25 дана
THAT is going to huht
nzriot Пре 25 дана
2.2 million pounds ? ouch I want to see it driven around a track... What's it weigh? Need a time trial lap.
lonetrader1 Пре 25 дана
I'd get claustrophobic waiting on that door to let me out......
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Пре 25 дана
Just going on the thumbnail alone so far, I'm as already impressed how they could fit 2000hp in a car that small. (Edit; 1:34 ok that makes as lot more sense)
Mike Hinnenkamp
Mike Hinnenkamp Пре 25 дана
Drive it or dont make a video... Waste of time, and trade your 458 in.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Пре 25 дана
This car is so beautiful 😍
bob smith
bob smith Пре 25 дана
He has to have a Lotus engineer mash the button on the remote to open the door. Hope they are paying that dude handsomely
Buell Ah
Buell Ah Пре 25 дана
Mind numbing music
Bijon Pollard
Bijon Pollard Пре 25 дана
Thaought it was a ferrari
Arvid Lillsund
Arvid Lillsund Пре 26 дана
In the rear view meer
Enzo Prosciutto
Enzo Prosciutto Пре 26 дана
Looks like a La Ferrari
PRIME Пре 26 дана
Who else saw the thumbnail and thought it was a new version of the la Ferrari before looking at the tittle ....... or was that just me🤔
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