SCRIPTING DRAVEN - LoL Daily Moments Ep 1398

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Hi im Coconut

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SCRIPTING DRAVEN. Daily moments from streamers ep 1398(Tyler1,Yassuo,TFBlade ,SoloRenektonOnly, Jankos, Nemesis, Tobias Fate, Gripex...)
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Leung Karson
Leung Karson Пре месец
MIss all my ability Me: omg he is scripting
FREAKZ Пре месец
@Marin Pepega
Dopeas Fuq
Dopeas Fuq Пре месец
@Nobi Plays lol your joking right, watch good adcs and PSZ. They all have clips like this, not every game but they have the movement to do what this guy did.
Ivan Delac
Ivan Delac Пре месец
@Rick Pani thanks man
Ivan Delac
Ivan Delac Пре месец
@Nobi Plays im the draven buddy, you are not very smart.
Da'Nell Griffin
Da'Nell Griffin Пре месец
@huh - Coincidence how at 0.25. You see him dodge Lux Q, fair enough. He then clicks back for axe and catches it and dodges it while simultaneously dodging Lux E. Pretty big fucking coincidence mate.
Juan Cruz
Juan Cruz Пре месец
Grafito queridoooooo!
Jongseong Lee
Jongseong Lee Пре месец
Lux ult is now easy to dodge once they added the visual boxes around it
Milkar :p
Milkar :p Пре месец
Draven is pro player from balkan league...Not scripting
Yazan Saran
Yazan Saran Пре месец
So NoWay throwing all his abilities in the same direction and in very close proximity to one another hence making it extremely easy for anyone to juke is apparently scripting. I see.
ushbag Пре месец
No, Draven wasn’t scripting, you’re just bad.
Zero Hazard
Zero Hazard Пре месец
That is nowhere scripting. He legit chucked all of his abilities in one direction thinking that his q would hit him to land his q, e, r combo.
Jxvanxvich. Пре месец
3:38 iron?
Yuugere Chan
Yuugere Chan Пре месец
As a draven main, I would not take the axe just to got saved.
drpygmr 24
drpygmr 24 Пре месец
0:46 she has tenacity through legend tenacity (she has conq)
win 7
win 7 Пре месец
the sec he said name me better tf then me D OMEGLUL PA 5:25
Danilo Jovanović
Danilo Jovanović Пре месец
Souhail El Hayani
Souhail El Hayani Пре месец
Mah Draven is just too good
F Panca97
F Panca97 Пре месец
Vamos grafo carajo, representando
Faraon Onanhutep
Faraon Onanhutep Пре месец
10:01 pure 11 years in beta and 200 years of collective experience
Elliot Tremblay
Elliot Tremblay Пре месец
How was that scripting????
Fan Fan
Fan Fan Пре месец
Possibly fast movement block with low extra evade distance setting?
Just A Human
Just A Human Пре месец
i lose faith in humanity everytime someone say "he is scripting" lol imagine people at dodgeBall sports every time someone dodge a ball they yall "he is scripting"
Nick W
Nick W Пре месец
Guy side steps 1 Q, WHUT HE SCRIPTED
Tumii Пре месец
Yall are talkin about the draven. But can we just talk about how that thresh hook hit? (10:00)
Pino Gino
Pino Gino Пре месец
Nautilus approved
tango Пре месец
0:26 someone said Faker vs Nemesis lmao
Nacho Mendez
Nacho Mendez Пре месец
2:55 siii grafito ❤️
Sub-Zero Пре месец
How is he scripting? That was such a regular dodge
Joker Пре месец
Have you changed the email you use to receive clips?? Have I been sending my clips to the wrong one for... how long?!
KriferXD Пре месец
He just used brain to ran away from her q xD
beeeka Пре месец
never seen more fake reactions than llstylish
Mike Hat
Mike Hat Пре месец
More like all skill no script
っっっはち Пре месец
Hi I'm Cocomelon.
Bulcan 300
Bulcan 300 Пре месец
What kind of mindset is that?? Draven just literally sidestep all of your skills cause all your skills are in one direction and angle
Vadim Balakhonov
Vadim Balakhonov Пре месец
In this game, you can use cheats and not be banned, the community does not care at all, the main thing is that Riot make more skins and unbalanced new heroes
Edward Polo
Edward Polo Пре месец
oMG he dodged all my abilities scripting. Score says otherwise
MOL TAR Пре месец
10:00 that thresh hook was bullsh*t
baris ali
baris ali Пре месец
Man lux players 50 iq
Nekosaki Krocchi
Nekosaki Krocchi Пре месец
Who's 2 champions you hated the most? Me : kayn & kassadin
TOBH AD Пре месец
Draven not scripting , just imagine Lux missed her q , basic dodging😂😂
Phil H
Phil H Пре месец
+ the e was poorly placed. At this point it would've been more suspicious if he got hit ^^
hiu hiu
hiu hiu Пре месец
Myko Jefferson Javier
Myko Jefferson Javier Пре месец
0:23 bruh this is 2019 worlds game between FNC and SKT. Faker was akali and nemesis was veigar... felt like deja vu
APRIL 666 Пре месец
Does the lux actually think draven is scripting ?even a rock can dodge that
대쇼 Пре месец
Holy shid so many people complaining about how hes not scripting but its a joke. If someone dodged all my skillshots i say hes scripting as a joke. Even if i miss them ill say hes scripting
Ashlee Mae
Ashlee Mae Пре месец
He probably thinks Draven is "scripting" bc Lux hit box is so whacked and any other time those would have hit. I don't know how many times I wasn't even as close as this Draven was and still got hit especially her ult.
Phil H
Phil H Пре месец
Her ult is a little tricky. Sometimes it might look weird and buggy cause the model of her r is not on the ground, more like floating in the air. It depends on your camera perspective and where she stands. So it's not even a bug, just poor coding.
Max Parker
Max Parker Пре месец
NA highlights are Asia's Iron Lowlights
Max Parker
Max Parker Пре месец
No more NA highlights plz
TRE SHY Пре месец
Draven just have Minions vision
BrinkedosTM Пре месец
Pro players crying to Riot to bad some real skilled players to win a argument about a miss play...
Arthur Rathur
Arthur Rathur Пре месец
Player actually uses mouse to juke something... Must be fucking scripting
Fellow Person
Fellow Person Пре месец
I don't feel like that draven scripted.. seriously. Talk about false accusations lmao. Most Lux's ult immediately after they hit somebody with a bind. Easily dodgeable when you know what's coming Riven players annoy me. Ive never been so tryharded against by any other champ than riven players. They need to take a shower lol. Riven is just another champ that riot over-kitted. I mean why does ANY CHAMP need like 4 dashes/gap closers that all do damage, a stun, AND a shield?!
Yusuf Altunel
Yusuf Altunel Пре месец
10:45 dat momento...
Jari Jansen
Jari Jansen Пре месец
I am the draven, can you please edit/remove this video, i am getting alot of reports, im not even scripting
Nor D Trafty
Nor D Trafty Пре месец
stylish : told you " HE IS SCRIPTING 100% "
Ramirez Пре месец
Nick Torrenegra
Nick Torrenegra Пре месец
He turned to catch axe...
Ahmed Mosawe
Ahmed Mosawe Пре месец
Makes me so much happier to see champs like veigar and other rare champs showing up. Sick of all these intense mobility bruisers and assassins, all the lifesteal/tank 1v5 builds and more lol. I hope more clips find their way here with those under-presented champs.
Seasadrii Пре месец
This draven is pro player and play for Balkan Team:Cr4zy
fernando dolz
fernando dolz Пре месец
how many accounts does gosu have?
Monkey D Matal
Monkey D Matal Пре месец
Im not playin 1 year and even i know minnions saw this lux 😂
Draven profesional player for Cra4zy playing in EBL
Kai Sickler
Kai Sickler Пре месец
i love it when wings of death says "im such a fucking chad" cuz when you look at him, he legit looks like the biggest bum on earth
Rem Beako
Rem Beako Пре месец
Draven actually just dodge a random Q ult from lux. lux: script wtf ? he script
Rem Beako
Rem Beako Пре месец
@Erdling i know it fanboy ppl can dont like your favorite streamer dont need to cry or flame lol
Erdling Пре месец
You obviously don't know the streamer otherwise you won't type shit like that
恵凛 Пре месец
plus draven has 5million movement speed, this is just standard dodging.
Rem Beako
Rem Beako Пре месец
@Fontan just a good Draven and this streamer say scripting every time
Fontan Пре месец
I mean he even dodged the E and grabbed his axe perfectly Its understandable why someone might get suspicious of that
Jonawott JWT
Jonawott JWT Пре месец
Overtime good ADC players develop dodging patterns vs Mages with hard CC skill shots. This is a result of being constantly one shot.
da chanel
da chanel Пре месец
Lol all that takes is a half-timed right click, no way thats scripting
finn Пре месец
Hello HI I'm Coconut I tried to sent you an e-mail and it gave me this error *The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect."
AKAVG MatteoRed99
AKAVG MatteoRed99 Пре месец
This channel is like Synapse's third smurf
ker ker
ker ker Пре месец
That Draven is a pro player btw, he plays in EBL (Esports Balkan League) and he is playing adc for 3rd placed team.
Rudy Menel
Rudy Menel Пре месец
so now walking out of the abbility is scripting i guess, inhuman reactions in high elo
Kira Alex
Kira Alex Пре месец
it was a script not because of the lux q dodge, but because of the sidestep in between the q and r to catch the axe and dodge the w with his w. watch it in 0.25 speed and you can see it.
Shinoa Hiiragi
Shinoa Hiiragi Пре месец
Guys stop asking questions like that you should know the difference between a joke and a fact ..
Arnel Hasanović
Arnel Hasanović Пре месец
I think this draven is from balkan league he play for team cr4zy u can find on youtube
Ivan Cao
Ivan Cao Пре месец
Draven too tanky
Mason Buck
Mason Buck Пре месец
Theyre scripted Pepega
vinterhast Пре месец
lmao, lux`s q and r be easy to dodge, aint no scripts needed
Waheb Berhoum
Waheb Berhoum Пре месец
9:29 2021 gold xD
Avrm Mqnly Lovedorial
Avrm Mqnly Lovedorial Пре месец
Even i can dodge that.
Gavin Littlejohn
Gavin Littlejohn Пре месец
That was the most basic side step loooooooool
PureDefender Пре месец
Basic dodge, nothing even fancy. "SCcRiPtEd WHahT no wAY I MISS"
David Chang
David Chang Пре месец
Nobody: Gross gore: 8:05
Tiring Пре месец
If you dont know this draven is a pro player in ebl xD
ExtaCY Пре месец
0:11 me when I miss my thresh hooks
Tilted Vayne
Tilted Vayne Пре месец
0:08 not scripting its just pro player in (EBL) Euro Balkan League playing for Cr4zy team,C4 Paladin (Draven)
kane 1
kane 1 Пре месец
He wasn’t scripting you can clearly see he reacted and dodged
kuroko tetsuya 11
kuroko tetsuya 11 Пре месец
Love 🥰🥰🥰
Hunter Lamb
Hunter Lamb Пре месец
Mid beast still trash.
alipouya Пре месец
That Draven could have killed him too lol
Dimitris Kaltsas
Dimitris Kaltsas Пре месец
My mind: "Worst thing that can happen is she will say no." Her: 10:51
Brandon's Egg
Brandon's Egg Пре месец
If Draven was scripting his character would move the second her abilities are casted. The draven took a second and simply dodged. Also the lux did appear where the enemy minions where so gave vision.
Alejo Rodriguez
Alejo Rodriguez Пре месец
hE Is sCrIpTinG 🗿
Nahuel Villalba
Nahuel Villalba Пре месец
Grafo the magician...
ngoc hien vu
ngoc hien vu Пре месец
LL the new int god vs mid beast ;_;
Tronald Dump
Tronald Dump Пре месец
Tyler1 be like:
IRAQ_Legend Пре месец
putting jankos clip two times to confirm the amazing play
Albania Пре месец
Easiest sidestep I've ever seen 🤣
Arktix Пре месец
lmao, Bronze...
Insane Shinigami
Insane Shinigami Пре месец
Miss the skillshots = scripted
Kira Alex
Kira Alex Пре месец
it was a script not because of the lux q dodge, but because of the sidestep in between the q and r to catch the axe and dodge the w with his w. watch it in 0.25 speed and you can see it.
NoodleTv Пре месец
Where is the scripter content? Disliking for missleading title.
Samikel115 Пре месец
hope this channel doesn't turn out like fresh nuts
Alex Caillier
Alex Caillier Пре месец
coming from high lvl fps doing these doges really isint hard
Skittle Пре месец
Whenever I see a Riven clip: Ahh yes, very interesting. Very good, much balance. Yes.
Zee Sin
Zee Sin Пре месец
Nah man hes just too tanky
Pieyerown Пре месец
bad = script
Louay Chebbi
Louay Chebbi Пре месец
not a script just a skilled draven player
CaptainARR Пре месец
How is dodging arguably some of the slowest and most telegraphed skillshots in the game COMING AT HIM PERPENDICULARLY scripting? I would need scripts to get hit by that.
CaptainARR Пре месец
Erdling Пре месец
And yet you are hardstuck silver :/
WolfBro Gamers
WolfBro Gamers Пре месец
Btw the way to 100% tell if they are scripting is if they dodge the frame the animation for the ability comes out. He doesn't start dodging until after the ability is already traveling so you can pretty much conclude he isnt scripting.
Meowkasa Пре месец
@WolfBro Gamers Still not 100%, people predict abilities all the time.
The BlueBomber
The BlueBomber Пре месец
Noway looked at the Clip afterwards and said that in this very Situation it felt like Draven was scripting but mentioned that he could also be very wrong as this was the only "weird" side step that he saw
Weally plstop
Weally plstop Пре месец
i thought this was how most scripts work,
Julie Von Clemeno
Julie Von Clemeno Пре месец
Frednex Пре месец
@WolfBro Gamers Thats true, and i dont wanna say he is scripting. The movement did seem fishy though, but maybe he was just really on point
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Пре месец
10:00 bs hook hitbox
Bumble Birb
Bumble Birb Пре месец
it was probably the wind
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