Don't Watch This... Waaaay Too Complicated... || Caruana vs Duda || Tata Steel (2021)

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Thumbnail and player photos by Lennart Ootes LennartOotes
Fabiano Caruana vs Jan Krzysztof Duda
Tata Steel Chess (2021), rd 3, Jan-18
Petrov, Nimzovich attack (C42)
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Nxe5 d6 4. Nf3 Nxe4 5. Nc3 Nxc3 6. dxc3 Be7 7. Be3 Nd7 8. Qd2 O-O 9. O-O-O Nf6 10. Bd3 c5 11. Rhg1 b5 12. g4 Bb7 13. Qe2 c4 14. Bf5 Re8 15. Nd4 Nd5 16. Ne6 Qa5 17. Qf3 Bf6 18. g5 Bxc3 19. Bxh7+ Kxh7 20. g6+ fxg6 21. Ng5+ Kh8 22. Bd4 Bxd4 23. Rxd4 Nf6 24. Qxb7 Rab8 25. Qf7 Re1+ 26. Rd1 Rxg1 27. Rxg1 Re8 28. Ne6 Rxe6 29. Qxe6 Qxa2 30. Qh3+ Kg8 31. Qe6+ Kh7 32. Qh3+ Kg8 33. Qa3 Qxa3 34. bxa3 Kf7 35. Kd2 a6 36. Ke3 Nd5+ 37. Kd4 Ne7 38. Re1 Ke8 39. a4 Kd7 40. axb5 axb5 41. Rg1 Kc6 42. h4 Nf5+ 43. Kc3 Nxh4 44. Kb4 Nf3 45. Rxg6 Nd4 46. c3 Ne2 47. Rxg7 Nf4 48. Ka5 Ne2 49. Kb4 Nf4 50. Ka5 Ne2 51. Kb4
The official drawing of lots took place in the Tata Steel Chess Tournament playing hall in Wijk aan Zee. The results of the drawing of lots are officially approved by the arbitration. Based on the drawing of lots the playing schedule for the 13 rounds has been made.
Already in the first round, there will be some exciting games. World Champion Magnus Carlsen will play against top talent Alireza Firouzja and Harikrisna Pentala will face Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. Defending champion Fabiano Caruana will meet the Dutch Grand Master Jorden van Foreest.
The games will start on the 16th of January at 14:00 (CET). Chess enthusiasts can follow the games via our international live stream.
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zeke cheng
zeke cheng Пре 13 дана
The quirky cultivator formerly bruise because college briefly trace into a limping basin. male, handy badge
Mark Golding
Mark Golding Пре 17 дана
White could have won this game from 19:19 onwards
Marino Feric
Marino Feric Пре 19 дана
10:23 what about knight f7 forcing king to move and than d6 with the same knight taking pawn and threatening rook and bishop at the same time?
annnonymouss 16
annnonymouss 16 Пре 25 дана
The same title, with the same players, at the same event, one year later
Crispin Fornoff
Crispin Fornoff Пре 25 дана
I watched it....
Sagar Ghule
Sagar Ghule Пре 27 дана
CARUANA SHOWS HIS CLASS!!! Caruana is one of the strong GM from USA. His playing style is very different from others. He would purposely prepare lines that his opponents are uncomfortable playing. The way he plays against Anand, or Aronian or Kramnik is completely different, and that is pretty admirable. He has more of this human-touch to his game still, though his memory is better than anyone else in the Chess world.*** ***Here is game analysis of Fabiano's game from Tata Steel Chess Championship. You will learn a lot from his game👇🏻*** ********
Mr. Obvious
Mr. Obvious Пре 27 дана
2:55 why not Bd3 x b5 ?
bed Пре 29 дана
The a4 move came to me immediately because I play a lot of closed ruy lopez positions so its a move I play a lot, im guessing that's why that move was so obvious to the commentators but not fabi
Rxperia Пре месец
in polish you aren't saying Jan Krzysztof Duda. You are saing his name like Jan Kśyśtof Duda. Its rly funny from my perspective.
Daniel Ben Yair
Daniel Ben Yair Пре месец
8:47 Qxf7 is not check... Or am I missing an invisible piece 14:24 Qh5+ looks good to me, is it bad?
mateusz molenda
mateusz molenda Пре месец
I commend the use of reverse psychology... I mean I'm here right.
Mikey McChoas
Mikey McChoas Пре месец
Castles, castles
PaulMaurice Dekker
PaulMaurice Dekker Пре месец
#funny moment 7:54 not a lot can happen here. Bxh7+...
Karanpreet Kalra
Karanpreet Kalra Пре месец
Pawn eh, gift! This got me!
Prabhav Tengse
Prabhav Tengse Пре месец
Make a video on Alireza vs Duda
Jim Gutt
Jim Gutt Пре месец
Long time chess fan, don't play much anymore, but have fun watching/analyzing these great videos. Any experts out there care to help a medium level player (I found the 19 BxP move fairly quickly, for example) understand the game better? Studied this a bit, what happens if after 19 ... KxB we have 20 Qxp ? Seems that Black has no real decent response (Q moves only end up taking pawns/pieces but cannot prevent disaster, no viable rook moves, bishop is still under attack if N at d5 moves, etc, etc), as ultimately White will try to advance g6 {check} and Black will not recover, no?
Somewhat Scholarly
Somewhat Scholarly Пре месец
"I spotted a tactic while talking about Bitcoin." - Peter Leko How many Agadmator fans are also Bitcoin fans?
matt navarro
matt navarro Пре месец
i watch agadmators video because 50% for the info 50% for the doggo. haha
John Grey
John Grey Пре месец
8:45 How is Qxf7 check? Am I not seeing something?
L.J. de Paepe
L.J. de Paepe Пре месец
This was unbareble indeed.
ariel rodriguez
ariel rodriguez Пре месец
Saying don't watch this made me watch it 😄
shabd sthapak
shabd sthapak Пре месец
and it was in this position that the rook gets an open diagonal
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Пре месец
3:25 that pawn Can't Just capture the Queen?
Sajid Hasan Apon
Sajid Hasan Apon Пре месец
5:05 "It's not something a 'human' would do." - Hold my beer.
The Unknown Explorer
The Unknown Explorer Пре месец
7:34 Why can't black play Nxd1 instead of Nxa2+? At least black will be up the exchange.
Aravind Gundakaram
Aravind Gundakaram Пре месец
Me : training to be a titled player, taking notes from positions. Also me: Blindly writes “Medo is a naughty dog” at 9:30
Chinedu Atisele
Chinedu Atisele Пре месец
Haha 😹 me in class when profs crack jokes
JP Atienza
JP Atienza Пре месец
Don't tell me what to do!!. I'll watch ur video. 🤣
Seamus Johnson
Seamus Johnson Пре месец
"It might be playable, but it's not something a human would do."
Wesley Bradshaw
Wesley Bradshaw Пре месец
So insanely complicated that even the rooks have to consider their diagonals 4:55
Kyle Habet
Kyle Habet Пре месец
Where is the check @8:46??
leonardo baracchi
leonardo baracchi Пре месец
A4 was my first option, so it's not that difficult to spot, it's an obvious move instead, only in those few seconds I immediately wondered what could have happened after a check
Tommaso Bruni
Tommaso Bruni Пре месец
17:06 GM Leko beat GM Caruana (again!)
Rodrigo Dias
Rodrigo Dias Пре месец
Great analysis of the main variations. Thanks.
Minivac Пре месец
the clickbait titles are totally out of hand
Benz the Protogen :3
Benz the Protogen :3 Пре месец
2:13 wait wait so after what I thought was half the game over they are still in the openings book?
Milind Gandhi
Milind Gandhi Пре месец
In the end, why can't black knight give a check and capture the pawn?
Hamza Ilarzeg
Hamza Ilarzeg Пре месец
Caruana memorizes computer lines. If this is what chess has become then screw it
azamat bagatov
azamat bagatov Пре месец
I can’t believe how Duda defended so well
Well my name also azmat
Ionel Zanoaga
Ionel Zanoaga Пре месец
could you please STOP analyze the game !!! you are so bad ...
christopher welsh
christopher welsh Пре месец
5:08 "It's not something a HUMAN would do" Pure GOLD from Agad
funny things happen
funny things happen Пре месец
I'm sorry I watched it
Cozee2 Пре месец
8:27 not so many choices? why not knight B4? or bishop F6? 8:46 fallowed by rook? better queen G7 mate
Carlos Prada
Carlos Prada Пре месец
at 10:44, why not queen h3 check, king g8, queen h7 check, king f8, queen h8 mate?
Vasilis Condoulis
Vasilis Condoulis Пре месец
Nobody: Agadmator: fabi is extremely low on time
ali muhammad
ali muhammad Пре месец
Would appreciate if someone could explain to me why at 10:30, White doesn't go Qh3+, Kg8, Qh7+, Kf8 and Qh8+?
panda4247 Пре месец
11:36 I did not choose Rxd5. I chose nice rooklift Rg3 (threatening Rh3 and Qf7#) Apparently, it does not do anything because black plays Bf6. What an ugly move, how are we supposed to calculate that?
yccmzimmy Пре месец
FabianA Caruana... too many 'A's turn him into her :D :D :D
Quince Пре месец
Please upload daily 5 videos
Flavus Academy
Flavus Academy Пре месец
Clickbait title by agadmator 😛😛😛
Sagar Jha
Sagar Jha Пре месец
Why is there time control when it is a classical tournament 🤔🤔
Mike S
Mike S Пре месец
Thank you for all of the strategy explorations.
Martin Basbacio
Martin Basbacio Пре месец
how do I easily figure out the necessary moves in the game watching blankly at the video and get obliterated in my games focused.
PatsaRules Пре месец
Caruana along with Carlsen are Kings of Classical
Salmonster Пре месец
That game was crazy!
en el
en el Пре месец
I get the impression that Caruana is very underrated
en el
en el Пре месец
@Milo MIlo I mean, from the perspective of the general audience. Pretty sure most pro players respect him a ton. Just an impression.
Milo MIlo
Milo MIlo Пре месец
vice-world champion?
Randy Lahey18
Randy Lahey18 Пре месец
just came to say im not gonna watch it as title says, bye
Archmagerino Antonidaserino Kripperrino
Archmagerino Antonidaserino Kripperrino Пре месец
10:29 why not knight f6 with check? If king h7, queen h3. If king g8, maybe knight d6 with a fork on the rook and the super active bishop
Oz Morse
Oz Morse Пре месец
at 9:26 why did i expect agadmator to take off the medo costume and confirm bxh7 as the best move in the position
Jordisimo Пре месец
#suggestion Maxime Vachier Lagrave vs Robert Fontaine, amazing game featuring dutch defense, you will not be disappointed
La_fayette *__*
La_fayette *__* Пре месец
At 10:35 I was thinking that Qf7 was the best move as you can grab the light square bishop or the pawn on g6 and then go Bd4
Charlie Daigle
Charlie Daigle Пре месец
8:43 Qxf7+? Where is the check?
apostolic Пре месец
even engines are disgusted by this game
Kilimanjarno Arnsson
Kilimanjarno Arnsson Пре месец
thank you.
Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright Пре месец
The sedate meat incidentally cry because step-mother bodily sparkle beside a unkempt november. wary, deep tin
N20 Games
N20 Games Пре месец
It's kind of a shame when such complications amount to a draw. Great game though.
George Konstantak
George Konstantak Пре месец
I think I spotted a forced mate sequence at move 22 What if 22 the White Queen goes to H3 delivering check and after the black king forcibly goes to G8 the White Queen continues checking at H7 forcing the black King f8 after which the White Queen delivers checkmate at h8. is this correct?
Umar Metcalf
Umar Metcalf Пре месец
Actually I spotted bishop d4 right away and most of the moves in this game
star lia
star lia Пре месец
You dont have to calculate all the lines to play a move like a4, its just a move that positionally makes sense, youre creating a weakness, i (a humble 1600 player) spotted it instantly too
ryantres85 Пре месец
Medo is a naughty dog, that should be on a t-shirt
Nikos P
Nikos P Пре месец
Michael Salbeck
Michael Salbeck Пре месец
It was a pleasure to watch the video about this chess game and to follow your commentary.
Agad : Don't watch this 172k people : Let's do this
Vivek Mohan
Vivek Mohan Пре месец
Dog was awesome
Mangesh More
Mangesh More Пре месец
Probably the first RSpostr who recommended not to watch his video..😂😂
Martin Пре месец
Such a pawn.. well.. gift 😂😂
Sinha Dilip
Sinha Dilip Пре месец
Sir your speeches ( subtitles) make it disturbing to watch do something about 👍🏻
Wan Liew
Wan Liew Пре месец
The breakable viola incidentally exercise because lunge precisely telephone of a silent shoe. condemned, classy fuel
Lorenzo Пре месец
I swear, I always hear "Young Christoph Duda", making it look like Agadmator is like a mafia boss or something
Nexxett Пре месец
10:20 why not Qh3 ??
Vasanthreddy Aleti
Vasanthreddy Aleti Пре месец
13:14 why not Rg8???
Cia Laisvis
Cia Laisvis Пре месец
Spotting a move 20 moves ahead, yeahh.. how did he missed that
TheRst2001 Пре месец
Dog takes over commentary
Akira Chinuva
Akira Chinuva Пре месец
When life fuxks you over n over again; Agadmator: This position has never reached before! P.S.: Legend alert!
costford Пре месец
Duda, where's my Caruana?
Noah Cohen
Noah Cohen Пре месец
I really really appreciate how Agadmator explains these high-level games in such a way that it makes a novice player like me feel like I'm Part Of It. I get stressed when I play online chess so I'm unrated. And I couldn't possibly understand all the little complexities and unmentioned threats on my own, nor could I see what positions were critical junctures nor whose position was better at various points in the game for what reasons. I can barely solve Forced Mate in Two puzzles. But this channel makes me feel like, just maybe, I could play a good game someday. Thanks, Antonio/Agadmator!!
Kazybek Yermegiyayev
Kazybek Yermegiyayev Пре месец
Why he didn’t play Stafford Gambit?:(
Ritam Deb
Ritam Deb Пре месец
Stafford is fun in blitz games but unsound. With perfect play white can easily refute it, leaving black with no compensation. Fabi is an expert on Petroff and would have punished Duda if he played it.
Biswajit Kar
Biswajit Kar Пре месец
Awesome game
Brqsqd 1017
Brqsqd 1017 Пре месец
The Lothar Schmidt from spassky Fischer series??!
Sugar Fries
Sugar Fries Пре месец
No, I will.
NeuroticMartian Пре месец
Agadmator: I heard Medo, he was messing around with the trash can. Medo is a naughty dog. I just came from a reddit video where "messing around" was substituted for something else. Now the pictures is stuck in my head.
nhpkm1 Пре месец
Agadmotar , tested if reverse psychology works on the internet . I'll never fall for reverse psychology cus I'm over the mental age of 4 I think 🤔
Arlind Pervizaj
Arlind Pervizaj Пре месец
Antonio is starting to Look like Ricky Gravis everyday more and more
Emergency Food
Emergency Food Пре месец
4:55 you open the rook's *diagonal* And it is in this position that Agadmator converted a rook into a bishop
Voice of Chris
Voice of Chris Пре месец
Guys, like here for Peter Leko respect!
JATIN GARG Пре месец
In the middle game: Me: Blunder! Agadmator: Best move!
fluffy91 Пре месец
"Don't watch this". 153k have watched this. Nobody believes what you say.
Bol Beats 217
Bol Beats 217 Пре месец
To each his own.
9ballnr1 Пре месец
why is he pronouncing "bishop" so weird? I've watched his videos from 2-3 years ago and he was pronouncing it normally...wth
Mawardi Ahmad
Mawardi Ahmad Пре месец
Awesome 👍
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