Our Secret Santa Gift to MatPat! (The Great Gift Exchange)

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As part of THE GREAT GIFT EXCHANGE, Ian and Shayne are transported to a magical “Wrapshop” to wrap a charitable gift for Game Theorist, MatPat. With help from The World’s Most Famous Gift Wrap Artist, Ian and Shayne create a pizza-inspired gift wrap (complete with hidden roasts) and take turns telling cringe-worthy holiday jokes!

Ella Jane Sinclair Moffat
Ella Jane Sinclair Moffat Пре 13 дана
is it weird how much I 💙ed it when they beat themselves up?
Matthew & Abby's Channel
Matthew & Abby's Channel Пре 15 дана
The way that man was holding the kazoo made it look like he was smoking... 😂
Matthew & Abby's Channel
Matthew & Abby's Channel Пре 15 дана
A lot of editing, a random dude, only two smosh members, and no swearing? Something seemed off.
Matthew & Abby's Channel
Matthew & Abby's Channel Пре 15 дана
Me: *sees Molly Burke* Also Me: “I FORGOT ABOUT HER! HOW?”
Jacob Ferrari
Jacob Ferrari Пре 21 дан
I wander
Minecraft_is_the_best Пре 22 дана
4:11 CRINGE🤣!!!! Edit: here's other timestamps for cringe moments: 0:00, 0:01... Yeah VERY cringe video
Rocio Santos
Rocio Santos Пре 22 дана
Your mom is a looser
Cookiezz_ Lover
Cookiezz_ Lover Пре 23 дана
Looks like y’all are the losers
Eijiru Пре 24 дана
when will Food Wars 2021 be released?
Kali co.
Kali co. Пре 24 дана
It's nice that it's for charity but this was super cringey
Dondrai Williams
Dondrai Williams Пре 25 дана
B mom mm Mc v Uy I’m video d. J Hbk v. Vc pc. Keep M. A C if $ j Bmu op p ill ololo on oi G l
AnaxErik4ever Пре 25 дана
Heh heh heh, when you get comedians on a scripted show, you know things are going to go out the window at some point, whether with dad jokes or with jokes about fellow RSpostrs (There are so many Smosh things these days, it's hard to keep track of which member is where.) Thanks for donating to No Kid Hungry and other food banks this holiday; in this time of pandemic, it is more important than ever to make sure we don't have to worry about where our next meal is coming from.
Brandon Yaezenko
Brandon Yaezenko Пре 25 дана
I love the Shane and Ian combo!!!!
ToxicTraits cx
ToxicTraits cx Пре 26 дана
Who misses Lunch Time With Smosh
Jayden M817
Jayden M817 Пре 27 дана
Devyn Martin
Devyn Martin Пре 27 дана
Did anyone else notice that he’s holding the kazoo backwards
chris afton
chris afton Пре 27 дана
sAiNT NiCoTIne
Puglov3r 220
Puglov3r 220 Пре 28 дана
I love how so many people here have no idea who Smosh is. Welcome to the chaos.
Kranny Пре 28 дана
Hol'up is that smosh
Kids Play Video Games
Kids Play Video Games Пре 29 дана
Banshee 87
Banshee 87 Пре 28 дана
Shiro Takashi
Shiro Takashi Пре 29 дана
Petition to get Shane a haircut
N3M1N3M Пре месец
Okay I didn’t want to click this video at all but I did and it starts off with “what’s up losers”. Also “Smosh Pit”?... bye now
Lena Vo
Lena Vo Пре месец
I’m not a loser
Mavrick Matt
Mavrick Matt Пре месец
How about all homeless people. like jeez.
Tunneling Weasel
Tunneling Weasel Пре месец
The excessive switching of camera angles is DRIVING ME INSANE!!!!!
Kevin Carrion Manuel Tv
Kevin Carrion Manuel Tv Пре месец
Anybody when I click this video I saw ad icon just noticed
Michael Mastro
Michael Mastro Пре месец
I didnt know they had charity's that are that specific, like feeding the black trans community. That's awesome.
Lily T-J
Lily T-J Пре месец
I love smosh and its a sweet concept but this made me uncomfy
nimfodder Пре месец
Gus and Eddy?
Amira Boyd
Amira Boyd Пре месец
King dbron
King dbron Пре месец
How many people actually looked up the word Zhoosh to see if it was a actual word?
Izzie Sky
Izzie Sky Пре месец
I’ve never heard of business class in the back of a train-
Izzie Sky
Izzie Sky Пре месец
Realizing MatPat is canceled-
Clinging Пре месец
Moly holy
MannyBot -DEAF-
MannyBot -DEAF- Пре месец
I know Alton hates gift bags with tissue paper, but bags can actually be really unique and personal too. I want to share something very special my family has done with gift bags over the years, as well as a tradition we created. My family loves wrapping gifts for eachother, but we intentionally use special bags for certain people. Its a lot of fun looking and scavenging for a bag that fits that family members personality just right...and when you have that perfect bag for them? There's no reason for a lable. They know that bag was picked special for them, now it's their job to guess who gave it to them 😉 Through this process we started an unintentional tradition, the traveling bag. Years ago my Grandfather found a really cool bag and used it for my father's gift. My father then re-used it for my cousin, who re-used it for my aunt, who re-used it for my mom, who then re-used it for my great grandfather, and so on. That bag has been passed between family members for *30 years!* I'm 23, that bag was passed around years before my birth. Sometimes bags can be just as thoughtful as customized wrapping 💝
Extant Пре месец
This Jenelle person clearly doesn’t know Smosh.
Krystal Wolf
Krystal Wolf Пре месец
No one is donating I donated 60 dollars
Cory Burnsed
Cory Burnsed Пре месец
Bad content. Worse jokes.
Banshee 87
Banshee 87 Пре 18 дана
@Cory Burnsed learn what
Cory Burnsed
Cory Burnsed Пре 18 дана
@Banshee 87 please learn
Banshee 87
Banshee 87 Пре 28 дана
Please stfu
Patrick Villareal
Patrick Villareal Пре месец
time to go in a chain going to mat pat's vid and going to that creator's channel then continue
BJW Пре месец
Is Shayne the other face of smosh now? Lol
Samman505 Пре месец
Does this mean Shayne is the new Anthony?
Galxaxii xX
Galxaxii xX Пре месец
1:25 Now whos that there in the window?
Storm Boy
Storm Boy Пре месец
I'm glad that y'all got chosen for the gift exchange. The person that started this project has a very caring heart and creative mind. P.S. If you haven't chosen, you all should choose Anthony Padilla.
tknson Пре месец
What a great collab! Love the Wrapshop’s festive energy :D
#ProLife Team
#ProLife Team Пре месец
I like smosh more when they do skit videos
Dave Sproles
Dave Sproles Пре месец
I truly appreciate the thought behind all of this....because there's obviously alot.....but a specific charity video from RSpost originals for homeless-black-trans-people??? Of COOOURSE whether black, white, trans, sis, or whatever....all people are worth love and support but I feel like the virtue-signaling this year is out of control
Anonymous Пре месец
8:20 For a sec I thought that was Muzan cuz of the hat 😅🤣 ...Now I can't stop laughing
HappyAngel Gaming
HappyAngel Gaming Пре месец
I know this is for charity. But, The way this video is done is just so uncomfortable and 100% scripted. And it shouldn't be that way but sadly it is. I guess that's what happens when it's a RSpost Original.
Cool event idea .
Ruben Nuñez
Ruben Nuñez Пре месец
Who are all these people????
Kineela Пре месец
I feel uncomfortable. This is far beyond cringe.
Jingjing Liang
Jingjing Liang Пре месец
MERRY CHRISTMAS! in the most aggressive yet kind way possible
Jingjing Liang
Jingjing Liang Пре месец
Damian Fry
Damian Fry Пре месец
No offense intended, but your comedy skills could be utilised in a remake of dumb and dumber, you've got the comedic timing that could make the film iconic ... And not just base all the jokes on toilet humour or annoying noises ...
Toming Lee
Toming Lee Пре месец
Shane is new Anthany
Donovlad Пре месец
I literally don’t know anyone but matpat, Ian, and shayne Never heard of the others on there
Saucy Grandpa
Saucy Grandpa Пре месец
I have a feeling that Shane had to resist roasting the gift wrap person that whole time
Rachel Hess
Rachel Hess Пре месец
Missed opportunity... Ian should have used barber shop pole!!! Only the real OGs know what I'm talking about
Gabby Chareunsap
Gabby Chareunsap Пре месец
Collins key is that you??? Give Smosh back!!!
jess Пре месец
ian is literally the cutest man ever
Farid Muhammed
Farid Muhammed Пре месец
Michael T
Michael T Пре месец
This is like a parody of themselves
Michael T
Michael T Пре месец
Also I think this is a glimpse of date Shayne
Ashley Breda
Ashley Breda Пре месец
How did I not know Smosh were supporters of The Okra Project! That's incredible!
Dillon Williams
Dillon Williams Пре месец
I feel like this would have been a lot better with Damien and Shayne bringing Hackin’ Off energy to it, it’s still decent though
The Great Amida
The Great Amida Пре месец
Smosh was Ian & Anthony.... now it's Ian & Shayne?
Alauna C
Alauna C Пре месец
They should've said to see him open it up in his food theory channel, bc that more appropriate with the pizza.💁🏾‍♀️🍕 Love the dad/corny jokes, it's right up my alley.😂
4-1-1 Пре месец
Okay, where is the Netflix special of this?!
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Пре месец
He doesn’t understand the purpose of the kazoo
Jaxson Avery
Jaxson Avery Пре месец
What the holey shit
Ruki Thompson
Ruki Thompson Пре месец
Throwback to the 💈💈 barber shop pole💈💈
Kathy H
Kathy H Пре месец
Couldn't even finish the episode... maybe the next one will be good
BananaPeach Пре месец
They misspelt Ian’s last name in the credits, idk if y’all noticed that
twiztid angel
twiztid angel Пре месец
Most oddest video I`ve seen from Smosh lol
Zachary Goldsmith
Zachary Goldsmith Пре месец
did anyone else notice they spelt ians last name wrong ? "Hecoz" XD 16:21
Khaled Alomari
Khaled Alomari Пре месец
cringiest video ever
Jamie Hartfield
Jamie Hartfield Пре месец
Did Shayne get promoted?
Jake Kunz
Jake Kunz Пре месец
I can’t tel if that guy is 13 trying to look old or 76 trying to be cool and young
Meanbeagle :3
Meanbeagle :3 Пре месец
Black trans people is extremely specific.
the accordion dude
the accordion dude Пре месец
hey I play accordion. don't joke bro haha
Tim Weldon
Tim Weldon Пре месец
Rhett and links dressing room?
Matt Ruiz
Matt Ruiz Пре месец
0:10 Hold on I see right through that disguise...that rotten Barbershop Pole has returned
PureStalinium Пре месец
Mad as fuck that they didn't put Freeddys Fazbear Pizzeria on the pizza box 😤
Logan Reid
Logan Reid Пре месец
What is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
Kenneth Rodríguez
Kenneth Rodríguez Пре месец
they raised a little above 350 bucks. not the best numbers, considering the amount of viewers, but it’s still something
Charles Ayala
Charles Ayala Пре месец
I was intereted until I found out the gift and holly crap do I wish I never heard that there was such a thing🤢 but hey I donated to the game theory 1M challenge for St. Jude so my conscience is clear not like id support this anyway but hey glad I could help others in need
Benjamin Schulman
Benjamin Schulman Пре месец
I thought yall were supposed to donate to the Okra Project? Why does the donate button go to Arts Business Collaborative??
Vivien ??
Vivien ?? Пре месец
I kinda wish they did this video on Smosh instead of Smosh Pit because they would've made so much more money for the okra project :(
Jesse mo us vv
Jesse mo us vv Пре месец
This is wholesome
Kim Huliganga
Kim Huliganga Пре месец
@2:05 Shane says "Merry Christmas!" the way Nicholas Cage would.
MissOtaku93 Пре месец
Pick Rhett and Link!!!!
AmericanBeast7 Пре месец
Did they just say black trans people? Like what the actual fuck... That's nasty.
James Purgason
James Purgason Пре месец
Man this makes me sad as a youtuber
Jason Price
Jason Price Пре месец
When they revealed it was matpat I was so shocked.
John Gomez
John Gomez Пре месец
Oh Mat and Pat He is just one guy.
av0cad0 Пре месец
when I saw the piñata I was like “who’s the blonde one” and then they turned it around I was like “oh yeah that’s ian.”
Yukiinue Пре месец
This video makes me uncomfortable in a good way
jellybeanieSM Пре месец
"I had a Game Theory it was him." Loved that!
11Cassaroo11 Пре месец
TWAIN RIDE?!?!?!? 😂😂😂
FamiliarEvil Пре месец
I HAVE RETURNED! XD Smosh is the only channel in this series I watch religiously, but my OCD demanded I go start at AsapSCIENCE and watch in order. But now I'm back with a few new subscriptions, and I can finally watch the boys!
Dap Tree
Dap Tree Пре месец
Pamong all participants, I only knew smosh and matpat
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