Olivia’s Bald Spot & How Defy Forced Us To Be Friends - SmoshCast #18

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On this week’s #SmoshCast, Courtney, Olivia, and Mari open up about their struggles with stress and the pressure of being perfect, feeling replaceable on Smosh, and being pitted against each other at Defy.
6:34 - How Olivia Got Her Bald Spot
17:54 - Will Olivia Sleep Over At VidCon This Year?
31:33 - How Defy Made Us Feel Replaceable & Forced Us To Be Friends
57:15 - Mari, Courtney, and Olivia on Gaming
1:03:42 - What You See On Social Media Is Only 10% Of Our Lives
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Dean Sheets
Dean Sheets Пре 9 сати
Nice for rhett to join the podcast with these wonderful people!
Henry Blyth
Henry Blyth Пре 6 дана
Fuck those horrid Defy people
sapph Пре 16 дана
this trio heals my soul
Damien Пре 2 месеца
olivia was so open and generally amazing in this episode. respect xx
Dredgen Belakor
Dredgen Belakor Пре 2 месеца
Not going to lie these podcasts are all I've been watching/listening to these days. Also I'm not sure why but when someone asks "What's your sign?" I just say Malkavian and that usually throws them off lol I don't know my sign and I don't much care to know lol
Clos Пре 3 месеца
@Olivia I see your brows :D
Microbot max 24
Microbot max 24 Пре 4 месеца
01:09:09 bless u mari
marley from marley and me
marley from marley and me Пре 5 месеци
Well... looks like Ian’s dream came true 😅
marylizabetha Пре 5 месеци
Bathe first shower later and use soap! Finish off with cold water.
Omar Araya
Omar Araya Пре 6 месеци
Me encanta smosh 💙 estos podcast son lo mejor 😂:)!
22anemone Пре 6 месеци
#18 down
DrLipkin Пре 6 месеци
I'm sitting here during the pandemic with my thinning hair that has only started since March, hoping that it'll grow back once all this is over. I don't think I'll be so lucky.
Ajay Ram
Ajay Ram Пре 6 месеци
Joy Pomeroy
Joy Pomeroy Пре 7 месеци
Not sure if Mari was implying women are more competitive "biologically" but if she was (which really does sound like it, could've worded it much better otherwise) then she's dead wrong on that.
Killer Dragon25
Killer Dragon25 Пре 8 месеци
Women act like there life is hard I would love to not do anything and be a house wife.
Ellie Nichols
Ellie Nichols Пре 8 месеци
I didn’t even notice that Olivia didn’t have makeup on until she mentioned it. TRUE BEAUTY
ItsJust Kassy
ItsJust Kassy Пре 8 месеци
I can relate with Olivia with the eyebrow insecurity cus for some reason when i was bored i put something on my eyebrow and a week later my right eyebrow starts losing its hair and some of my schoolmates and classmates asked about it i get kinda annoyed cus i was so insecure about it that i want them to not notice and my family always asks about it and again i get kinda annoyed and not im still taking care of it cus its really really a long process (atleast in my expirience)
Gillian Tackett
Gillian Tackett Пре 9 месеци
I just love seeing these amazing women take ownership of their lives and be honest and happy. I think so many women need examples of that honestly and self acceptance
Henk de Steen
Henk de Steen Пре 9 месеци
7 minutes in already heard “like” about a hundred times
trivia seesaw outsold
trivia seesaw outsold Пре 10 месеци
oh god im so lame, at 54:20 mari jokingly asks if BTS goes through the same thing and the short answer is they fought a lot about 10 years ago but now they are all best friends, similar experience i suppose
Symplifier Пре 10 месеци
The boys: *constant making fun on each other* Girls: “OMG ur so beautiful!”
lisa simpson
lisa simpson Пре 11 месеци
the most amazing podcast episode
allen osip
allen osip Пре 11 месеци
Hi Rhett
Lan Mandragoran
Lan Mandragoran Пре 11 месеци
This is weird to me that they freak out about their faces....I pay a lot of attention to their faces, think they're beautiful...but acne and stuff basically don't notice other than "oh, that happened", like shit, you're human too, stuff happens....its not like its permanent, and even if it were, the only people who would care are people you don't ever need in your life. Who cares if you for instance got in a car accident and got a big old scar across your face....as long as you recovered and were healthy I wouldn't even notice the scar after a very short period of time. I like people's faces because I like who they are, and pay attention to them because I like them. It doesn't have to do with how they look, their faces are beautiful to me because they are beautiful people to me. Just me?
Hippo Bebee
Hippo Bebee Пре 11 месеци
Literally playing rummikub while listening to this haha
Mellence Пре 11 месеци
Rummikub is amazing.
Drake Пре 11 месеци
I love this Olivia way more than her "on" personality its so much more real
Joshua Gillilan
Joshua Gillilan Пре 11 месеци
too much use of the word like in this vid couldn't focus on what else was being said.
Carolina Pita
Carolina Pita Пре 11 месеци
I totally get Courtney, I have those same issues regarding my face skin. It is paralizing
Erd Tird Mans
Erd Tird Mans Пре годину
You can never. Replace. Mari.
ItsJust Kassy
ItsJust Kassy Пре 8 месеци
Kim Abrera i mean it is true you can never replace Mari heck all of them are irreplacable
Kim Abrera
Kim Abrera Пре 11 месеци
What's your deal, dude?!
Juan Carlos Liberona
Juan Carlos Liberona Пре годину
I had to leave on minute 2
Kara Reign
Kara Reign Пре годину
DryBones271 Пре годину
This was filmed on Courtney's Birthday!
Peter Sierchio
Peter Sierchio Пре годину
Courtney is a phenomenal podcast host
Caroline Mann
Caroline Mann Пре годину
Wait....a video where Olivia is NOT WEARING THE TRACKSUIT?!!!!
Sadd_Papa Пре годину
after seeing this i have wayyyyyy more respect for olivia
Kim Abrera
Kim Abrera Пре 11 месеци
abi Пре годину
I feel the love these ladies have for eachother through the screen. ❤️
descaro Пре годину
i got the same game, i'm losing so hard, so fuking lame
JM Revelo
JM Revelo Пре годину
I'm 17 minutes in and they're still going on about beauty tips and complementing each other
Brittny Dole
Brittny Dole Пре годину
OMG I loved this girl time lol
Summer Hoyle
Summer Hoyle Пре годину
I love rummy cube too 😂
MoonRay Пре годину
The first time i saw Mari was when Ian and Anthony tried Asian food and candy. It was a very very weird time.
clyde Пре годину
I’m obsessed
Gavin Gonder
Gavin Gonder Пре годину
Bro, Olivia is so pretty without makeup. She literally has no reason to wear it other than maybe her brows, but everyone needs brows.
insultedbyproxy Пре годину
i love how olivia just randomly compliments courtney and mari, we all need friends like olivia
American Patriot
American Patriot Пре годину
The time stamps are way off
American Patriot
American Patriot Пре годину
Their vocabulary is literally like you know same.
Larry Bryant
Larry Bryant Пре годину
All 3 of them are originally from the LA area. I think thats the accent or dialect in that area. Valley Girl accent/LA accent. Similar to the Kardashians.
American Patriot
American Patriot Пре годину
They look great jk they look like they stayed home sick and threw on junk clothes with zero effort.
Phil Vaive
Phil Vaive Пре годину
I gotta say I love how much Courtney is coming into her own since the defy disaster. I know she's not feeling that confident about it, but I think she's killing it. I love Courtbort!
Error loading information
Error loading information Пре годину
Ronan THE SUPER GINGER Пре годину
Jeez this is emotional I’m actually crying
Baby Animal 2002
Baby Animal 2002 Пре годину
I'm Scorpio too
Miss Vacuum
Miss Vacuum Пре годину
Smosh cast is my favorite. So intimate and I learn so much more about everyone
Jude Moop
Jude Moop Пре годину
I really like this podcast. It brings out a new side of everyone that we had not seen before in a more personal level. :)
Felipe Correal
Felipe Correal Пре годину
definitely those Defy people were huge assholes!
TurkeyLurker28 Пре годину
I remember when Smosh Pit Weekly was stopped, and Mari was kind of appearing less often, I thought she wanted to move on in her career and do other things, had no idea that was a choice from the company. I remember how sweet she would be at reading out people's birthdays.
MrKFahn Пре годину
Hey Olivia, Rummikub is not just for old women. I thoroughly enjoy that game.
wa fei Tse
wa fei Tse Пре годину
is the song that they are recording 'girls are gross'
SwiftPawsGaming Пре годину
Mari, I completely feel you. I'm going on my 8th year of dancing and it's very stressful, especially since I'm taking 9 dance classes
Katie S
Katie S Пре годину
I love smosh videos, but I get even more excited to watch when I see mari. Its so sad that defy made her feel like we wouldnt notice if she wasnt around as much:(
The 9 Show
The 9 Show Пре годину
lol on the Rhett sticker
cinderyharp Пре годину
We need more Olivia on the podcast
Liana Herhusky
Liana Herhusky Пре годину
These three lady’s are so smart wise kind responsible and mature and they are amazing role models for people and they really help me become a better person and so did everyone on smosh these days they are so amazing and I hope they know that
emilyownsarat Пре годину
I relate to Courtney so much on her acne struggles. My skin finally cleared up too, but I remember those self-conscious feelings well.
Jillian O'Donnell
Jillian O'Donnell Пре годину
Anybody else wonder who that producer was? It’s never fair to pit people against each other and create riffs and I think he or she contributed to the “everybody’s replaceable” atmosphere.
Halal girl
Halal girl Пре годину
The amount of times they said like thow 😂😂
Aceloolaloo Пре годину
Sohinki x Mari - My favorite ship in Smosh really.
Aceloolaloo Пре годину
Funny how the three girls are talking seriously but then Rhett kept on appearing. lol
spooky bugz
spooky bugz Пре годину
tag yourself. im rhett on the laptop. 😂
garrett caizza
garrett caizza Пре годину
imagine if mari never went to the audition or didn’t get it :(
Mr Sniper1730
Mr Sniper1730 Пре годину
10/10 "too much water"
Imani Nokuri
Imani Nokuri Пре годину
Y’all are so wise omg can y’all do this more often I felt so fulfilled
Kacie Kelly
Kacie Kelly Пре годину
i’m so freaking proud and happy of you girls and all of smosh. even tho the shutting down if defy was sad and stressful in a way it’s been a blessing in disguise as you’ve been able to have more creative freedom and be more smosh rather then defy. proud of you babeeeeyyyyyysss
Henry Schoon
Henry Schoon Пре годину
This video makes me realize I need better friends
Leostrazsa Пре годину
45:30 well were they right? were you sleeping with one of them?
moth pudding
moth pudding Пре годину
JettRaveKid Пре годину
I absolutely LOVED this episode!!!
Phoebe Geralis
Phoebe Geralis Пре годину
Wes is Courtney’s mystery pooper Confirmed
Nocturne22 Пре годину
It's difficult to watch this because it comes off... fake. They keep talking about growing and being real with each other, but Boze for 2 years was excluded from everything they did when the cameras weren't rolling. They didn't give her the time of day, and seemed to just never want her there. If she was hired by Defy without their input and it was awkward, fine, but if you guys got over 'growing pains' once, you could have done it again with her.
Esther Ruol
Esther Ruol Пре годину
I grew up with a lot of food poisoning stomach flu diagnoses. So I 100% back up Mari's way of living because since I started exposing my immunity in college, I've rarely gotten sick.
Esther Ruol
Esther Ruol Пре годину
This podcast is making me realize that I gotta amp up my self-care
D Пре годину
It's really rough when you find out everyone is replaceable. Even those who you are like "nooo never them".... Hard truth is yep even them.
Quarz_dk Пре годину
have a good time listening to this, keep it up girls!
Mia Suarez
Mia Suarez Пре годину
I love family therapy
Coffeekaker Пре годину
Sorry I had to stop watching your podcast early I went to go watch always be my maybe
Coffeekaker Пре годину
Double Asian double Asian double Asian, ta-da
Andres Belendez
Andres Belendez Пре годину
19:00 thanks IAN !
Ryan Swanson
Ryan Swanson Пре годину
I love she looks at the laptop screen knowing she doesn't give a crap xD
GracieSap Пре годину
The way Courtney said “dance fighting” in like such a understanding and soft manner was one of the best parts😂❤️
Caleb Garcia
Caleb Garcia Пре годину
Stress makes my eczema flare up
Robicey Пре годину
YASS, THE GIRLS!!! Also, dont ever feel like you guys are replaceable, I love you guys and I cant imagine a life without you in it.
Xammeron Пре годину
Olivia is a few bacteria’s away from bein antivaxxer
Katelyn Schneider
Katelyn Schneider Пре годину
Terri Shafer
Terri Shafer Пре годину
I heard the word “like” so many times! My niece does that also.
Mia L
Mia L Пре годину
This podcast is so empowering and I’m 200% here for it. I love being able to see three amazing women supporting and loving each other and themselves. I’ve watched Smosh for years and I’m so proud of how much you all have grown. Thank you all for this episode ❤️
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Пре годину
Courtney’s a Great Host!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Пре годину
LOL Olivia’s Bald Spot!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Пре годину
LOL Olivia’s Bald Spot!
Nayops 20
Nayops 20 Пре годину
Where has Olivia been in this channel tho, we haven’t seen her or Keith or even Noah for that matter⁉️🤔
Blu peach tea
Blu peach tea Пре 4 месеца
They are free lance cause they have other acting jobs so they aren't around as much.
Em Пре годину
most wholesome podcast. hands down.
John Royston
John Royston Пре годину
Pretty hilarious how defy had the nerve to say things like "you're replaceable" and "we're going to phase you out" and now look at defy 😂 bye Felicia lol
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