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Daniil Medvedev recounted a great memory of Novak Djokovic in his runner's up speech after the Australian Open final| READ: 9Soci.al/3G7850wAa2v | Subscribe: 9Soci.al/c66350wAa29
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doremidoredo doremifasol
doremidoredo doremifasol Пре 2 сата
Bravo medvedev!
Mira Gowaikar
Mira Gowaikar Пре 18 дана
He's won my heart that's for sure. A classy guy through and through no matter what people say about him
carol soldaat
carol soldaat Пре 21 дан
Priceless. 👍❤️
Sean Gates
Sean Gates Пре 24 дана
I definitely misjudged him in the 2019 US Open. Glad to see this genuine side of him.
Yes I am a youtuber
Yes I am a youtuber Пре 25 дана
This guy is an awesome character. Men's tennis is only getting better with the arrival of new guns, medvedev, sasha, tsitsipas and thiem.
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic Пре 26 дана
I had bad preconception about Medvedev I didnt like his game that much and I didnt like him like a person. In last three months he changed my mind. For sure no one is perfect and he had his tantrums but overall he is a good person and he has so much respect for big three and all the players on tour
repairman99 Пре 26 дана
He is a class act. A real gentlemen. His time will come one day.
M J Пре месец
Both r Slavic ppl...
Qadir Qazi
Qadir Qazi Пре месец
#2 😊😊
Dragon Sur
Dragon Sur Пре месец
Martin Kopic
Martin Kopic Пре месец
Beautiful 👍
Gino Marone
Gino Marone Пре месец
Wow! That speech was class act!
you can't be this empty
you can't be this empty Пре месец
I found the ' bullying' of djokovic in this tournament appalling. We're seeing more and more of this behaviour in the media every day. It was lovely to see Medvedev recount this memory of his to the crowd.
Khắc Phúc
Khắc Phúc Пре месец
Chắc cay Djokovic lắm.nhưng mấy ai đánh bại Nadal mà vô địch đâu.vì hết thể lực rồi.
Jeanette Peskin
Jeanette Peskin Пре месец
Kings Echo
Kings Echo Пре месец
Hey Serena take some tips from this guy about class.
VanDeyd7 Пре месец
I bet Nick Kyrgios was dying watching this, lol.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Пре месец
Serbo-Russian love and respect! Danil is good person and he smart + i like him
Bleacher Report FooTball
Bleacher Report FooTball Пре месец
Vendimi per favore, grazie
Ken Daves
Ken Daves Пре месец
Novak gets the Lendl treatment by the media. May he live and win long enough to be appreciated for the great champion he is.
Jelena Vasovic
Jelena Vasovic Пре месец
Хвала брацо Руси! Увек цемо бити једно! Спасибо! Россия, сердце Сербии!
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Пре месец
Novak 💖👑
Spade Caller
Spade Caller Пре месец
In just a few sentences, he endeared both himself and Djokovic to legions of tennis fans
Spade Caller
Spade Caller Пре месец
You lift yourself when you speak so highly of others
Elena Пре месец
I love them both 🇷🇺❤️🇷🇸 brothers. Novak is a great champion, Daniil I hope you will become a great champion.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Пре месец
Medvedev didn’t win the tournament but he won a lot of fans this tournament. He’s a boss!
Sydney Rooster
Sydney Rooster Пре месец
So he just won $2M, clearly looks happy and delivered a pre prepared speech which he was going to give win or lose. That makes him the world's classiest human does it? This chump doesn't care about slam titles like the big 3 do.
suze giljer
suze giljer Пре месец
Daniil what a gentleman you are,Spasibo and good luck for the future.
Aaron Szeto
Aaron Szeto Пре месец
It'd be nice if Serena Williams had this kind of humility.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Пре месец
Danill still has a long way to go before I don't label him a player abusing, lineperson hitting, referee hating, fan hating racist.
hugh thomson
hugh thomson Пре месец
Recently I very impressed with him, such a nice guy and my favorite player now,wish him all the best for his future
Siddhant Pathak
Siddhant Pathak Пре месец
Being a new tennis fan I just found video of monfils tennis smashes but why is he not better than novak?
Purvis Van Dongen
Purvis Van Dongen Пре месец
Wendell Farao
Wendell Farao Пре месец
I am a Nadal fan, but i am supporting Daniil Medvedev going forward. Nadal have some years left in him. Also glad for showing people that Djokovic is a great guy. People tend to be nasty to him, and he doesn't get the credit and recognition he rightly deserves.
dragan zivkovic
dragan zivkovic Пре месец
I understand that Rafa and Roger appeared before Novak. I understand that primarily the West is cheering for them. But Novak showed up, beat both of them, has a positive head to head score with both of them and is 2 GS behind. Novak arrives, that's for sure because he's younger than both of them. In relation to them, there are also big sponsors in the game that Novak does not have. But everything is solved on the field, and we have been watching how Novak has been doing it for the last 10 years. Only slowly..
Sushobhan Chowdhury
Sushobhan Chowdhury Пре месец
What so many still didn't like the speech? I wonder.
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Пре месец
not to.
Ljiljana Zivgarevic
Ljiljana Zivgarevic Пре месец
Novak 💖👑
Bilja bluuu
Bilja bluuu Пре месец
Nole N1 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Mike Jamieson
Mike Jamieson Пре месец
Novak gets the best ‘sports enhancers’ in the business, kudos to him
vinoth ka
vinoth ka Пре месец
Daniil Medvedev is future bigest star in men tennis....
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide Пре месец
He is really funny and natural
Sasha N.
Sasha N. Пре месец
This is why Novak is the GOAT
Carolyn Knott
Carolyn Knott Пре месец
This is the best! Shows the real light of the human spirit- thank you Danil
Dean Radz Photography
Dean Radz Photography Пре месец
Great bloke Danil, hoping you keep up the superb tennis. Novak is a great human.
Swift Пре месец
Danill still has a long way to go before I don't label him a player abusing, lineperson hitting, referee hating, fan hating racist.
Felix G
Felix G Пре месец
Very gracious .. speech gives much insight on otherwise a much maligned character in Djokovic. Both are champions!
AndyBBX Пре месец
The Real champ
Toni Georg
Toni Georg Пре месец
Thank you Mr. Medvedev for put some respect on Djokovic's name. Daniil will be giving us speeches for many years to come and I'm glad he act so classy
sktj2012 Пре месец
Its wonderful how non english people speak so good english.
Nice guy .... he will be world no 1 .... he is my favourite among t younger lot
Alex Sickshow
Alex Sickshow Пре месец
What a person! Wishing him all the best.
Ray Manbert
Ray Manbert Пре месец
Classy guy and with.his size and game will win.plenty of matches!!
Paul shearer
Paul shearer Пре месец
Great guy and funny as hell...
T Mitchell
T Mitchell Пре месец
Probably the most gracious classiest runners up speeches Ive ever heard.
AKA Alpaka
AKA Alpaka Пре месец
He is really funny and natural
Маrio Mаrio
Маrio Mаrio Пре месец
With this one sentence he said everything about Nole, thx Danill!
Vladimir Djelic
Vladimir Djelic Пре месец
Kamon Пре месец
He didn’t speak like Russian, the charisma and positivity
Arnieus Пре месец
Well spoken. Interesting story about Novak. IMO Daniil's game seems very similar to Djokovic's. He has compact strokes and doesn't over hit.
Thomas Salahub
Thomas Salahub Пре месец
Great guy
srikanth s
srikanth s Пре месец
To all Nole haters - This speech is the proof as how great NOLE as a human apart from greatest tennis player..
Aldo MTOP Пре месец
Danil es gran jugador y como persona es inteligente y respetuoso, se lo ve diferente pero es lo que es.
Trajce Mitevski
Trajce Mitevski Пре месец
This is probably the next number 1
tosgem Пре месец
Very classy speech from this guy. I'm not a big tennis fan. I didnt watch this match. But I notice there are always articles trying to say Novak is an idiot or bad guy, but I never see evidence. Why does the media hate him, can someone tell me?
Alex Tabet
Alex Tabet Пре месец
Medvedev May have delivered the classiest speech ever. Class act. Once Novak retires, I will be rooting for him.
Arvind VS
Arvind VS Пре месец
Just wow!!
Alen cyriac cyriac
Alen cyriac cyriac Пре месец
bberakable Пре месец
Daniil Medvedev seems like a great bloke.
ChangingViewsPC Пре месец
Outstanding. Just one Grateful guy. 👍👍
sweet jesus
sweet jesus Пре месец
oh man there are so many covidiots there
Ramamurthy S
Ramamurthy S Пре месец
What a way to lose and win hearts! Memorable end to the GrandSlam .
Marin Kasalo
Marin Kasalo Пре месец
This was pure class from Medvedev. Big respect
Just S
Just S Пре месец
been scrolling a lot and how come i still havent seen anyone saying that he looks like Justin Timberlake in the thumbnail?
Egan Fo
Egan Fo Пре месец
That was refreshing
beatniece Пре месец
medvedev classy? hahaha. people seem to have really short memory (e.g. wimbledon coin throwing incident etc. etc.)
Krystian Motkowicz
Krystian Motkowicz Пре месец
Great speech indeed
Christo Пре месец
still dont like the 'joker'
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar Пре месец
Classy speech from danii. Hope to see his winning grand slam speech soon...
Bee Chips
Bee Chips Пре месец
Daniil loves the Djoker so much ♥️😀
jiggy fernandez
jiggy fernandez Пре месец
The Mitri
The Mitri Пре месец
It really was. I dont remember such an honest and sportsmans like speech. Thats a champion!
Swifty_All Star
Swifty_All Star Пре месец
Class act
Doreen Jacob
Doreen Jacob Пре месец
Super nice words from lovely Daniil to Super nice Novak
Cesar Dias
Cesar Dias Пре месец
I know that... After Novak I'll support Medvedev!!!
S Morillo
S Morillo Пре месец
Class act.
Mathieu Marsille
Mathieu Marsille Пре месец
Famous daniil !
Lucian Daniel
Lucian Daniel Пре месец
Djokovic looks so bored,"just give me that salad bowl,I have like 1000 of them and lets finish with this"
Emre Yamangil
Emre Yamangil Пре месец
He is a classy fella
Егор Мараков
Егор Мараков Пре месец
Уверен, после такой речи Даниил расположил к себе болельщиков Мельбурна, даже тех, кто болел против него в полуфинале.
M D Пре месец
Well done
Slobodan Popovic
Slobodan Popovic Пре месец
I would love to see Serbian flags supporting Medvedev against other opponents in future slams. He really deserves it in all aspects.
MoMo 20
MoMo 20 Пре месец
He's a class act. Definitely will be one of my faves when the legends retire.
bowlchamps37 Пре месец
Why not call the Australian Open the Serbian Swiss Open?
Nothing IsReal
Nothing IsReal Пре месец
Great, very personal speech. His Englisch is flawless. Such a smart, young man. He plays outstanding Tennis. But Novak is a champion and manage do find a way into his head this time. But soon Daniil will be Grand Slam champion as well. He represents the new Russia.
srilokanath dalai
srilokanath dalai Пре месец
Medvedev: A real humble sports personality...
Masud Isa
Masud Isa Пре месец
I thought Medvedev is a skilled player. But he played like a novice before Novak. What a pitiable tragic guy. I wasted my time seeing this match.
Lenny H.W
Lenny H.W Пре месец
500, 600 Where is he at now
c4rlos Пре месец
Ngl, Federer has always been my favorite. But I’ll never understand fans that need to diminish rivals. Novak, last I checked, has some of the most impressive records of the big 3. No one gave him anything, he earned every title and every week as #1. I see him as legit a candidate for GOAT as any other legend in the sport. Maybe most people will love Federer or Nadal more, that’s just personal taste I guess, but no one can deny him the respect he is due. May he grace us with his talent for many more years!
arief effendi
arief effendi Пре месец
Medvedev doing well, proper n nice speech
Antihacker -
Antihacker - Пре месец
NOVAK : Nice speech but I still gonna make you work your ass off😂
huskie heart
huskie heart Пре месец
Class all the way
Old Wight
Old Wight Пре месец
A very classy speech. The leftards had no interest in this final. It was the Russian ('leftards see only Russians under the beds) vs the "Anti Vaxxer" 😀
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